Fall foods in Kentucky

Rachel Hance Logan County Extension Agent for Family and Consumer Sciences

November 25, 2013

As summer wanes and the leaves change colors, apple and pumpkin season arrives in Kentucky. Cooks around the state begin to think about preparing food for the holiday season. Visiting an orchard or a pumpkin patch is a great family outing. Apples, pumpkin and other fall food crops may be purchased in larger quantities as they store well in a cool, dry space for up to a month or 6 weeks. Produce can also be purchased and processed while it is in peak season. Soon after purchase, just wash, trim, and peel if desired. Chop into large pieces and store in freezer bags. Just thaw and drain slightly before using in a recipe.

Look for tasty varieties of apples to use in homemade applesauce, cooked apples and apple desserts. Pumpkins come in many sizes and varieties. Smaller “pie” pumpkins are easier to handle and cook more quickly. Large pumpkins provide enough for several pies. Freshly cooked or frozen pumpkin can be mashed and used in pancakes and muffins.

Be sure to plan for some fall table and home decorations with small pumpkins, gourds and mums. If you use a special ingredient in a potluck dish, let everyone know where it was grown or made. A trip to your farmers market or local orchard is a fun way to teach children about how food is grown while getting some of the best tasting fall foods.