Lake Malone

November 14, 2013

What on earth are you suppose to do when it is cold on the Lake? Well, the other day I got to look at a beautiful “snow fog”! You ask what is a snow fog; it’s when the air around the lake is so thick you can’t even see the water. You could see our dock and it looked like it was sitting in a beautiful cloud of fog. You know I really need to look up what causes fog. I sat there for the longest time just watching to see when it was gonna lift. After about a half hour I could hear a boat but could not see one. It is so strange to look out and hear a boat going by and not see it. Now just how did the guy driving the boat tell where he was going? I could not even see the other shore. All I could see was our dock in a big sea of cotton. I MUST SAY IT WAS BEAUTIFUL. But of course before long the sun seemed to burn a hole right through the fog and it all disappeared. Of course the Hubby had something to say about this entire experience I had. He said, “Woman is that all you got to do”. I gave him a “very mean look” and he went on about this business. He really is a good guy most of the time.

What is he to do on a cold day when it’s too cold to go out on the dock to fish? And you see his fishing boat is put away! I can just about tell you what he is going to do; Aggravate me all day! It just occurred to me that you people in town don’t get to see the wonderful “Mother Nature” miracles. So that is why I enjoy telling you about them.

Everybody I talk to has said that we are going to have a hard winter. One lady said that she had counted the fogs on the lake and that we would have that many snows. If that is so, then we will be covered most of the winter with that “white fluffy” stuff probably up to our neck. Then again they said that the squirrels were gathering all the nuts everywhere. I did notice that but really any creature with any sense will prepare for winter. They say if a wooly worm is black it will be a hard winter. I can’t remember seeing a wooly worm at all. So really is there anybody out there capable of telling me just what kind of winter we are going to have?

You know it really doesn’t matter whether we have a bad winter or not. I will do the same old thing that I do every year. Get plenty of food in the house and keep a good supply of toilet paper! Don’t laugh; I had a neighbor call me at ten o’clock one night because he had run out of toilet paper. So I just sit back in my easy chair, and review the fact that I already have plenty of food to eat, also great books to read and just for the heck of it, even a great big puzzle. There is nothing like putting up a card table and sorting a puzzle and get with it. You will be surprised at how the time will fly by. Hey, get two or three they won’t spoil. Also you can get all the family involved. We even had a friend drop over and I thought he would never go home. He even stayed for lunch. But you know me, I love company.

I have been told tales about the lake freezing over. People walking out on it and one guy said his father drove a car all the way up to Shady Cliff. For some reason I can’t hardly believe that.

I bet you people have some really great stories to tell. You could e-mail them to me but if you don’t have the internet, just send to the newspaper and I bet the editor hold them for me. I would even put them in print. I know everyone would like to read them.

Well, you won’t believe this but the Hubby casually mentioned last week he was thinking of taking a road trip this winter. He even said it should be SOUTH. He mentioned that we always have friends from down south come to visit during the summer and they always say, “Now you all come see us sometime!” Well, this just might be the time we need to do it. Of course I won’t hold my breath until he gets this all planned. I told him he would have to be in charge. I will keep in touch just to let you know if this becomes a reality. Gosh, I might have to look for my bathing suit!

Here it is Monday again, I will just settle back in my favorite chair and dream of all those wonderful places that I MIGHT be going this winter. In the mean time, I am going to fix my favorite pizza or better still order one from Wayne’s Place and watch my favorite team play football. As I have always said, when I am not fishing, I am watching football. Some of my teams are winning and some of them are not. Won’t mention which ones.

It’s that time again; I must get to doing something constructive. Take care and enjoy the moment even if it is cold! This is Tulip Green saying, Bye Now!