November 7, 2013

Hello. Hope you have had a good week.

Bro. Kinnith Morris of Hopkinsville visited a few days last week with his sis Martine Brown.

Last Sunday afternoon Glenn and Helen Porter visited awhile with her brother Wilford and Jeri Scarbrough of Auburn. Wilford recently had heart surgery and is doing okay, probably needs more strength.

Debbie Timberlake spent some time over the weekend in the Medical Center in Bowling Green. She is feeling some better. Hope she continues to feeling better.

James and Sue Fuller were at his Drs. Office last week, also in Bowling Green, had a procedure done. We hoped it would help his breathing. He goes back to the Dr. Monday, Nov. 4th. Hope he can get some encouraging news.

One day this week the Gleaner’s Sunday school class, with teacher Martha Wright and her class Virginia Hart and Marvine Borders ate breakfast at Dairy Queen. They had a good time out.

Nephew Jimmie Fleming had eye surgery one day last week, is home and hopefully doing better. This was done at Vanderbilt.

Niece Sandra Sharp added another candle to her birthday cake this past week. Hope she had a good day.

Celebrating at 17th birthday one day last week at her granny’s house was Kayla Scott? Did I goof? Anyway, her granny is Martine Brown. Her parents are Jeff and Lynn and there were enough more to make this time enjoyable together.

While James Fuller had his surgery done last week, sitting with Sue were son Jeff and granddaughter Sabrina. It does help to have someone to sit with you.

Bless Bev Whitson, she has been in such pain from her back. After surgery she developed tooth problems and has been in severe pain. Hope she can soon feel better.

Got a call from former countians Roberta Gilliam in Florida this past week, she made my day. She loves to hear from James and Sue. I had an article about them and she was so appreciative about it, she just had to thank me. Wasn’t that nice? I thought so.

Hope thing are going well with her. Thanks Roberta.

Found out at the church this morning that last Saturday night Russell Johnson had to make a trip to the ER at Logan Memorial. His sister Joyce and Kenneth Chapman took him. I talked to him awhile ago and he was feeling pretty good. He checks back with the Dr. this week.

A new baby within the church family born Monday morning Oct. the 28th was Charlotte Ann Atkinson, weighing in at 7 lbs. and 15 ozs. J.D. and Morgan are her parents. She has 3 bigger siblings, Lane, Olivia and Naomi. Her local grandparents are Claudia and Jerry Hart and her great-grandparents are Virginia Hart and Rufus Coursey. Enjoy, seems they don’t stay little anytime.

Part of them for breakfast Saturday morning with Virginia Hart were sons Jerry, locally and Ronny from Greenville and later daughter Carolyn and Roger Gibson from Warren County.

Lannie Jerniagn brought my supper one night and one day Jewell Wayne Johnson brought some Gaither videos to watch. However, I know absolutely nothing about playing them and for some reason Jewell Wayne couldn’t get them going either. Help, help! I want to see them.

Until next time, keep a happy face and make someone’s day!