Lake Malone

November 7, 2013

Well, I don’t think I have ever touched on the fact that “all boats that go in the lake in the spring; must come out in the fall!” You would think the Hubby would remember all the WONDERFUL times we have had in the past doing this little task and he would take his pontoon out in good weather. I hope you noticed I said “HIS PONTOON” boat! If it were mine it would be out of the water at least by September 15th and no later than October 1st.

As all of you know that have a boat, you have to take the “junk” you store on a boat off and either throw it away or store it somewhere. So that meant, all the life preservers had to be dried out before storage. They always get wet during the summer. Then it is nice if you clean it so it will be ready for the spring and then you won’t have to fool with that when you are anxious to get out on the water. Of course the covers need to go on the seats and a cover on the whole thing!

This year the Hubby just had to leave HIS boat in the water so he could take his Buddy out to see the leaves. You remember the visit I mentioned in one of my columns. Well, as you would know, when his friend was here it RAINED! Not just a little but a lot. “Down Pour” to be exact. What do you do to entertain a male friend when you can’t go riding on the lake or fish? Of course, you stand on the dock and fish with your rain coat on! The Hubby and his friend are “die hard” fishermen.

So after the friend left, every time we tried to take the boat out, you guessed it! IT RAINED. Before you knew it, it was the last of October and the weather was awful. Of course the Hubby was waiting for just the right day. Why is it that men think they know everything?

We have a wonderful friend who lets us park our boat on in his back yard. You see the word OUR boat. It becomes our boat when it is time to take it out. That means I help! You know that finding a place to put your boat is always a problem. The lots are so small and the roads are so narrow you really don’t have too much room to have a house and a place to park a thing as big as a pontoon. It is also expensive to have someone come and get it and board it during the winter. Of course being the “tight wad” that I am, we took our friend up on his offer.

Since it was so cold the day we took the boat out and it had rained so much before this blessed event; we thought we should let the seats dry out so they would not mold. Well, the sun shined one day and we decided to go the next day and continue having all this fun! Of course the weather man “LIED”! He said it was going to be sunny for the next three days and we took him at his word. Man that is one thing we should not have done. It rained the next three days. So now we had to wait for the sun to come out and let it dry the seats out again because I did not even get the covers on the seats.

Much to my surprise, the Hubby ran in the house and said, “come on woman, it looks like rain again” We got to go! Now of course I drop what I was doing and ran out the door. My life is so exciting, I can’t hardly stand it.

The seats were wiped, the covers put on and then we unwrapped the top. That is the fun part! Here we are the Hubby and his friend on the ground and me on the boat. They handed the top up to me and of course I made the mistake of telling them that I thought the vented part went on the front and after we got it turned, they let me know right away that I had made THE BIG ONE!

The Hubby and his friend are on the ground snapping the back side over the motor. I am pulling with all my strength so I can pull it over the entire boat. Just as I got to the middle of the boat a few sprinkles began to fall. By this time, the Hubby is shouting to HURRY! Just then another friend was driving down the road and he stopped and jumped out of his car to come to my rescue. He got up on the boat with me and started pulling the top as I crawled under the top to place the poles that hold the top up so the rain will drain off. By this time, it was not sprinkling but raining! At that point the top was snapped and all that was left was a little place at the front of the boat for me to crawl out backwards. My knees were hurting; I was wet from the waist down after crawling on the wet floor and trying to back down the steps of the trailer. And our friends were WET. I KNOW THEY JUST LOVE US TO PIECES.

If you are exhausted by now just reading this, just think how I felt. I told the Hubby, in my most controlled voice, that next year it is going to be different. You can’t imagine what he said, “you tell me that every year. YOU JUST LET ME KEEP THAT BOAT IN THE WATER TOO LONG!’ You got that right, now it is my fault.

After hearing about all this fun, I bet you want to run out and buy a pontoon. Just wait till next year, there might be a nice used one for sale.

Till next year and another pontoon boat cover up, I will remain, Tulip Green, who is mad at the Hubby, ONE MORE TIME. Bye now.