Logan County coach Dain Gregory resigns

Crystin Urban Sports Reporter

November 7, 2013

This year was Dain Gregory’s third year coaching the Logan County Cougar football team, but it was also his last. This week Gregory announced that he would be resigning from his coaching position at Logan County and be moving back near his hometown in western Kentucky.

This season was tough for the Logan County Cougars as they ended the season with a record of 0-10, but the Cougars never stopped battling until the season was over.

“This season was not what we were after as in wins but this group of young men really showed a lot of character, class and integrity in the way they would go out and battle and give their all every Friday night against all odds. I couldn’t be more proud of this group,” said Gregory. “They are the toughest group I have ever been around. I know a lot of people will draw conclusions by looking at the final score but if you were at any of our games you saw a small number of kids hanging with teams up until they wore us out.”

Gregory says he tells the players there are not many things you can control in life but your effort and attitude are things you can control no matter how good or bad things are. Gregory’s goal as a head coach was that he wanted people to look at his teams and see a team of character and hard nosed ballplayers and he believes that his team this year had those characteristics.

“Yes, we made silly mistakes that young teams do, but these kids found a way to stick together and play hard when shamefully there was some in our own backyard trying to tear them down,” said Gregory. “I’m very proud of this year’s team for those things and hanging tough with way more adversity than any team I have ever been around. I told them after Warren East that I am by no means ashamed of this team and I meant that then and I will mean that 30 years from now.”

This week Gregory announced that he will be resigning for personal reasons.

“No one asked me to step down and no one forced me out. My wife and I actually decided in July that it was time to move back to western Kentucky. It is home to us and believe me in saying that we wanted to make this a home for us, but it just wasn’t meant to be,” said Gregory.

Gregory says that they plan to stay in education and he absolutely plans to stay in coaching.

“After much prayer, we are very confident that great things are up ahead for our family. I want to thank those that have been unconditionally supportive of us and to encourage them to support the new head coach in the way they have supported me,” said Gregory.