Excellence Rating is awarded to Logan County Adult Education for third consecutive year

Diane S. Crawley ABE/GED Lead Instructor

October 31, 2013

Logan County Adult Education is proud to announce that for the third consecutive year, they have attained Excellence status in Kentucky Adult Education for the 2012-2013 academic year. In August, Assistant Director Cheryl Kelley was informed that the achievement had been attained. In addition to earning Excellence Level, Logan County Adult Education was one of the top 25 performing programs in Kentucky Adult Education. Excellence rating is based on attendance and academic performance.

On October 2, Pam Morgan, Assistant Director travelled to Kentucky Dam Village to receive the awards. Awards were presented by Reecie Stagnolia, Vice President Kentucky Adult Education and David Walter, Director Kentucky Adult Education. “In addition to receiving award certificate, we also received performance funding,” Morgan stated. “This year’s state mandated goals were higher than the prior academic year’s. Not only did we meet them, we exceeded our goals. Moving into the top 25 performing facilities out of 120 is quite an achievement. The staff and the students really went above and beyond last year.” The performance funding goes toward student and classroom supplies.

Currently the LCAE staff is preparing students for the current GED exam while training for the new GED that begins January, 2014. If you are interested in earning your GED before the new year, please contact the center soon. There are a limited number of test seats available between now and the end of the year. The Learning Center is open Monday – Friday. Call 270-726-8777.

On Wednesday, Oct. 30, 2013, Logan Chick, Logan County Judge Executive presented an order of proclamation honoring Logan County Adult Education. Logan County Adult Education has been working since 1986. He recognized Mrs. Evelyn Richardson as instrumental in making adult literacy a state wide program. He also complimented the staff and volunteers for the work they do. Judge Executive Chick also recognized Logan County Adult Education for attaining Excellence status for three consecutive years. Mr. Chick commented about watching his father cross the stage to receive his eighth grade diploma. He remarked how that accomplishment gave him a new level of pride. He has supported education from that day forward. He talked about the importance improving ones education has on a person’s overall life attitude.

Logan County Adult Education offers a variety of educational services. In addition to GED preparation, classes are available in college math and language “refresher”, National Career Readiness Certification, English Language Learners (formerly known as English as a Second Language) Family Literacy and U.S. Civics. Though there are no charges for the classes, there are some charges for the actual tests.