Lake Malone

October 31, 2013

Well, it’s Monday Morning and that is usually when I write my column. I bounce out of bed ready to write you a wonderful story but this morning my MIND WAS BLANK! The Hubby came down the steps and announced that I looked like I had lost my best friend. I told him that my “mind was blank” and of course his remark was, “I knew that”! We won’t mention what I said next. I thought what is wrong with me? Are you getting old or something? I thought maybe I’m tired.

You see we went on a road trip this weekend and I thought maybe this caused it. So I went out and got my mail that had piled up in my mail box since I left and read the Friday paper. It would also be good to drink my morning coffee, maybe this would make me “bright eyed and bushy tailed.” That was what my Dad used to always say to me.

But when I got my paper and turn to read Mr. Dickerson’s column, you see I always read him first, I noticed he said he was no longer going to write for the paper. Well, of course that made my day even more BLUE. So I just read the new young lady’s column and it was great. I am looking forward to reading things she has to say every week. She is a smart girl; Austin Peay University is a great school choice.

Mr. Dickerson said the editor had something in mind for him and I would like to make a suggestion. HISTORY!!! He is so good at letting “new comers” like me know all about the history of this part of the country. I love the walking tour of Russellville they normally have during the Tobacco Festival and I was unable to attend this year. But I will be ready for it next year. But maybe I won’t have to wait that long for my “history fix” if the editor decides that’s what Dick needs to do.

Well, finally I have my thoughts about me. I must tell you the lake scene is DEAD! I mean there is not a boat in sight today. Yesterday was pretty and all the pontoons were floating by looking at the leaves turning their beautiful colors. If you don’t have access to the lake this time of the year, just call up a friend and say, “hey let me tag along to look at the leaves”. You don’t have to have a boat. A day trip on the roads around the lake is just as pretty. Even a trip through the park. Every year I say they are prettier than before but this year there is more yellow and orange in the leaves. Even red is showing up on some of the young trees.

The dreaded event has also happened. Why is it life seems so light and airy in the spring and in the late fall it is “dud” heavy and gloomy? Why is it so much fun to take all your toys out of storage and it is so awful to put them up? I nearly cried when I had to put up my favorite float. All the boats docks are empty and the BIG BLUE HERON just went by stepping ever so careful on the rocks next to the water. But the sun has come out finally and the leaves in my yard are shining like gold. Mother Nature has her paint brush out again and I am truly glad.

It wouldn’t be a column if I did not mention an activity of the Hubby. I don’t care what time of the day it is; or what day or month it is; he is in heaven if he has his fishing pole in his hand. Even after we put up all the boats; he is grinning from ear to ear today as he carries his minnow bucket and fishing pole to the dock. I do believe you could tell him the sky was going to fall tomorrow and he would be right out on that dock today. If you go by in your boat and see this man sitting there fishing, just stop by and ask him if he is “THE HUBBY”. He will probably laugh and say “What are you talking about MAN”!

A friend from around the bend called to tell me about a wild Halloween party that was happening the other night. She said as they went by they all looked kinda “wild” all dressed up and such. And the music was out of this world! Poor me, I never get asked to any of the parties on the lake. Maybe next time.

I guess I better say good bye for now. Till the next time, Old TG says Bye Now!