October 24, 2013

Greetings from the Antioch Community.

Marion Thomas, my son, came and got me on Saturday evening. They were celebrating his birthday. Betty sure had a good meal prepared. Those present was their son, Eric, Traci, Eli, Owen, their daughter Michele, their granddaughters, Kellie and Chase, Erika and Matt. Every one had a good time.

Mae White, the oldest member of Antioch Church, was 95 on Thursday.

Also, cousin Hazel’s birthday was the 24th. Hope you remembered to send her a card.

Tammy Sears sang the special at church Sunday morning.

James Fuller had a test done last week in Bowling Green. Hope they can find out what to do for him. His breathing is still very bad. Sue had a shot in her back. So maybe she can get better.

Visiting with Christine White was the interim pastor from Mt. Pleasant Baptist Church and a lady. She didn’t remember their names. Dorothy, Juley, Jimmy and Jeffery came and brought her breakfast.

Visiting with Dolores Harris and Vanessa Price was Jason, Brandon and Abbie.

The weather sure has changed. Got cool and feels like winter is here.

Kindness is simply love flowing out in little gentlenesses.

Have a good week.