Time running out for ol’ courthouse clock

Chris Cooper Managing Editor

October 24, 2013

The clock on top of Logan’s historic courthouse has begun showing its age and is winding down. The “donging” that occurred on the hour heard echoing through the century old corridors of the courthouse has now stopped, and repair work will soon be needed to keep her hands turning. Unfortunately, unless lightning strikes and juices up the ole gal, the clock may end up only telling the correct time twice a day, due to costs associated with fixing it.

The clock was installed in 1972, and according to the company who maintains the clock, it’s going to be very expensive to fix it. Judge Executive Logan Chick told the fiscal court at its Tuesday meeting, that some of the quotes for repair came in as high as $18,000.

Magistrates Thomas Bouldin said he wanted to let the clock go until it stopped going. He’d rather do that, then pay $18,000. His fellow magistrates seemed to agree, believing that was too high of a price to pay to have a clock.

“Everyone at this table has at least two time pieces on them right now,” said Bouldin Tuesday. “I say we just let it run till it stops.”

It was mentioned Tuesday there was a clock on top of the new Justice Center that worked fine. The clock on the Justice Center is electric and cost $30,000, however, it will probably need some type of repair after 40 plus years as well.

The county recently spent close to one million dollars on the old courthouse during a renovation project where a new heating and cooling system was added, as well as new bathrooms.