Lake Malone

October 17, 2013

Man, it is really hard to write this little column this week. I love spring and especially at the lake. The trees are all budding out, grass is turning green and the entire spring and summer is before you. I just love it. Nothing seems to be a chore. You grab that brush and start cleaning EVERYTHING! That is the time you think to yourself, why on earth did I put this away DIRTY. I must remember to put my toys away clean. How many times have you told your children that when they were young? Yes, we are all guilty.

Well, that SAD time of the year is here. The days are shorter; the rain that use to be warm is now cold on your face because that WIND seems to be blowing all the time. As I have told you before, I am not very fond of wind. It makes my head tie up in knots. Well, I know you think this is funny but the Hubby gets a kick out of reminding me “what head”?

Anyway, as I sit here and watch the wind blow the leaves fly all around. Have you ever really watched the wind? It will blow this way and that way and sometimes you will see little tornadoes when it swirls the leaves around and around. If you have not done this, take a moment and really look out your window. The same wind that blows at my house also comes by to see you as well.

Don’t know if you have noticed but the spiders have really been busy. They are making webs right and left. I have one window on the porch that has the most beautiful spider web you have ever seen. It just appears this particular spider thinks she is an artist! She not only wanted to paint a picture on that window, when she was done she moved to the other one. I must tell you I really got upset. You cannot see leaves that are raining down, the water that now has ripples on it because the wind is blowing so hard. So you know what I did next. I told that spider she had to move on and find another place to spend the winter. You see she was all wrapped up in cotton in the little strip just inside the space where the glass meets the metal frame. Of course the Hubby had a few words to say when he saw me observing the spider. “Woman haven’t you got any better things to do than sit around looking at a spider?” He also said “If it makes you so angry why don’t you just clean the window?” I thought you don’t clean windows in the fall. That is a spring time activity and this is dreary old FALL.

Fall is that time between HAPPY TIMES ON THE LAKE AND GET TO WORK TIMES BECAUSE WINTER IS COMING! After it finally dawned on me this is October, Halloween time and then Turkey Time, I finally got my act together and as the Hubby says “GOT IT IN GEAR”!

I grabbed that cute little thing I purchased at Lowe’s that has a cotton pad on one side and a blade on the other. Then I mixed some water with vinegar and away I went. That poor old spider thought, what in the world is that crazy woman doing. It took me all day long to spin that beautiful web and there she is washing it away! Don’t we really wish we could hear the creatures? I bet they would have some choice words for us. I am sure we make them as made as they make us when they are messing up.

Well, summer is officially over! The Tobacco Festival is the signal “that’s all folks” until next year. No more music on the square, no more swimming in the lake, no more fools out on the lake trying to see if they can stand up on that little piece of wood when it is being pulled by my dock. I do believe they try to see just how close they can come to it before they let go of the rope and slowly sink into the water. The fishermen are all bundled up. Just this month, I actually have seen more women fishing than I have seen all summer. I can’t believe it. I love fishing but not when it is cold!

The next favorite thing I DON’T like to do is clean a boat after it has been in the water all summer. The most favorite thing is raking leaves. I remember when we first moved to the lake my neighbor was raking leaves. She was gritting her teeth when she told me, “I just hate to rake leaves”! After a few years of having the pleasure of doing this, I can agree. It’s not as much fun as relaxing on a float in the water or drinking your favorite drink on the deck!

But all the fun must stop at some point and you have to come back to reality. Grab that “cute little washer thing with the blade” and wash that spider right out of your life. Believe me; she will be back next year. Now just jump right in and grab that rake and get to work because it’s later than you think. THE LEAVES ARE FALLING FAST.

Till next time, Tulip Green says “enjoy the moment” for that is all we have; even if it is washing windows and raking leaves!