Reenactors at Red River

Chris Cooper Managing Editor

October 15, 2013

Several came out to enjoy the weather at the Red River Meeting House this past weekend during the 18th Annual Primitive Camp Meeting & Rendezvous. Event organizers Tom and Dreama Ruley were on site Friday, as were long supporters Dennis and Ruth Nie, who have been coming to the event since its beginning.

People were dressed in period clothing and stayed in their primitive camp sites performing demonstrations of life in the 1800s. This annual event lets guests take a look at what life was like when the Second Great Awakening occurred at Red River around 200 years ago.

“It’s a nice, peaceful time and we also hope it’s interesting and educational,” said Ruley. “There are a lot of demonstrations of stuff you don’t normally see.”

A beautiful hand carved rifle was raffled off during the weekend. Ruley said tickets had been sold all year for the riffle, which was carved by Mike Miller. The funds generated from the tickets are going towards the construction of a pavilion and restrooms at the Red River Meeting House. Over 2,100 tickets were sold.

Cori Davis, who is now 19-years-old, has been coming to the rendezvous since she was three and enjoys it every year she gets to come. Davis is from Milford, Ohio. She and her parents, Bob and Julie Davis have been attending the annual meeting for years.

“I love coming here, it is so nice. I can remember when I was young I used to build forts up in the woods and we would have walnut fights. It was so fun,” said Cori, who plans to keep coming back even when she gets older.

Ruth Nie says the Red River Meeting House is very peaceful and there is a lot of spirit at the church services.

“We love the people we have met while coming here. It really is a peaceful weekend,” said Ruth Nie, adding that the country needs God and prayer and this is a good event to have both of those.