Be very afraid of ObamaCare

October 13, 2013

Dear Editor:

Today is the eighth day of the partial government shutdown. 17 percent of the federal government is shut down; 83 percent is not. The Obama administration has the obligation to prioritize and to decide how to use available funds, which agencies will remain open, and which government workers to furlough. How are they doing?

The World War II Memorial on the Washington Mall, an open air memorial built and maintained by private donors, has been barricaded and surrounded with yellow police tape in a very misguided attempt to keep WWII veterans out during the shutdown.

At the same time - on the same mall - thousands of illegal immigrant, sponsored by the AFL-CIO and SEIU labor unions, were granted permission to bring trucks and buses onto the Washington Mall and to build a huge stage from which to protest in favor of amnesty for illegals. Called Camino Americano, the event featured a band called Los Tigres Del Norte whose lyrics glorify a Mexican drug gang and was attended by Nancy Pelosi and 30 other Democrats.

Our WWII veterans, many of them in their 90s, are dying at a rate of 1,000 per day. The men and women who risked all in a world conflict - who preserved the opportunity of the amnesty crowd to demonstrate on a stage on a mall where they themselves are prohibited from going - will not live to make another trip.

Finally, the Obama administration, citing the shutdown, has refused to release travel and death benefit funds to five grieving families for four soldiers and a marine killed in combat this week.

Who will win and who will lose under ObamaCare? How will Obama and those who follow him prioritize and decide your fate? Although IPAB is an abbreviation for the Independent Payment Advisory Board proscribed under ObamaCare, it is really Obama-speak for Death Panels. Be afraid… be very afraid.

Ronald B. Elder, MD