October 10, 2013

October, from beginning to end is packed with colorful and exciting happenings. I’ve noticed many homes and businesses in Auburn have arranged cornstalks, straw bales, mums, pumpkins, gourds and scarecrows for curb appeal. Some have already decorated for trick or treaters.

If you are a sports fan I’m sure you have noticed the “warrior pink” everywhere. This is the month when we acknowledge the campaign against breast cancer. Great strides have been made in the area, but the battle is far from over. So pick up what weapons you may have and join the fight.

For sports fans October has so many events like colorful and exciting college football and NFL football. NHL hockey league is also under way and MLB World Series will play out this month. The pennant races for American and National Leagues begin next week. NBA basketball will debut the last week of the month.

Just about had my fill of football this weekend with college and professional. Found difficulty in switching back and forth between baseball playoffs and football. Oh well, some of us can’t afford big televisions where four games can be viewed at the same time.

Having followed sports for most of my life I have noticed several changes, especially in clothing. Basketball and baseball players now wear much longer pants, and football pants have gotten much shorter and tighter. The NFL has made great improvement in protecting players from head injuries, but those same players have legs. Some still wear socks to the knees, but their pants stop above the knee. Some do not even have on knee pads. Makes you wonder if those whose knees are covered wear “thigh highs” or “panty hose.” And their hair is so long the names and numbers are not visible from the back. This long hair would seem to be an injury hazard as well.

Apparently some colleges had rather spend a fortune on a variety of uniforms for their players and coaches, than to award academic scholarships. Notre Dame has been on TV several times this season and so far have worn different uniforms including helmets each time. No offense is intended here for this historic football power.

Baseball players now wear pants so long they drag the ground, except for the Boston Red Sox first baseman Napoli, who still wears the traditional style. The rest of the team wear their red socks on their sleeve. I had become accustomed to the handle bar mustaches and other styles of facial hair, but the “duck dynasty” beards, bald heads and Mohawks will take a while.

The Senior Center October activities started with a new exercise class this week, presented by Community Action of Southern Kentucky Senior Center Program. Originally Tai Chi was to be the type of class, but the above sponsor changed it to Arthritis Foundation Walk With Ease Program. Classes to be held Tuesdays, Thursdays, and Fridays, 9am to 10am.

Monday October 14 begins with potluck breakfast at 9 a.m., followed by a movie and popcorn later. Paige Rodgers is scheduled speaker for Thursday, October 17. She has become a favorite of the group and always has interesting subjects, well presented.

One day last week Rance Jordan joined us at the center. Mr. Jordan ran the movie theatre at one time. He is quite a talker and had some interesting stories to tell. Hope he continues to visit the center.

Don’t forget we are still having free dancing lessons each Tuesday night. Come join us so you’ll be prepared for the next dance.

Jerry Rust had his shoulder surgery Tuesday and VA hospital in Nashville. At the time of this writing he is still there and Kathy is by his side.

Lucille Bond came home from the Medical Center Tuesday. She is resting well following another bout with pneumonia.

The church group from New Friendship Baptist Church has returned home for their mission trip to Haiti.

Also welcome back to the vacationing Pool Room owners, family and staff. Hope you enjoyed you cruise. Yes we missed you.

There are some dates you should mark on you calendar for upcoming events in Auburn. The Cruise In on the Square for both cars and motorcycles is to be held on Saturday October 26 for 10-2. Be thinking about your 50’s outfits and hairdos. You may need to practice you hula hoop routine. Remember prizes are to be given for contest winners and door prizes as well.

Colonial House will have their Christmas Open House on the same weekend, beginning Thursday October 24 through Sunday afternoon October 27.

While we have such wonderful weather, get out and enjoy. Each of you have a blessed day.