Cougars fought hard, but lost to Purples

Crystin Faenza Sports Writer

October 8, 2013

On Thursday night the Logan County Cougars faced the best team in the state, the Bowling Green Purples. The Cougars fought hard and scored, but the Purples would have an overwhelming win of 91-10.

The game was slow to get started but Michael Sydnor would make a big play for the Cougars and intercept a pass made by the Purples. The Cougars would not be able to move the ball much, but they would delay the Purples from scoring in the first half.

The Purples would score with ten minutes left in the first quarter with a ten yard pass to put them up 7-0 early in the game. The Purples would score again two minutes later with a 75 yard pass to put them in the lead of 14-0.

The Cougars would make big plays during their next possession and move the ball down the field. A catch by Spencer Parsons would put the Cougars close to the end zone, but they would have to settle for a field goal. Landon Stratton would kick an 18 yard field goal to put the Cougars down 3-14 halfway through the first quarter.

The Purples would score four more touchdowns in the first quarter and leave the Cougars behind 3-42 going into the second quarter. The Purples would intercept a pass and score again in the beginning of the second quarter. They would make two more touchdowns and have a 63-3 lead going into halftime.

The third quarter of the game would be pretty quiet for both teams, but the Purples would score two more touchdowns to put them up 77-3 going into the final quarter of the game.

The Purples would score in the beginning of the quarter with a 56 yard pass to put them up 84-3, and then the Cougars would put some more points on the board.

Freshman quarterback Sean Wright would complete a 71 yard pass to senior Mason Robertson and Robertson would make it to the end zone to score for the Cougars. They would be down 9-83 with seven minutes left in the game.

The Purples would score one more time but they would end the game 91-10.

Brennan Rostampour would lead the Cougars with 17 carries for 53 yards rushing. Quarterback Sean Wright would end the game with 130 yards passing with three interceptions and one touchdown. Mason Robertson would lead the Cougars in receiving with 97 yards, including the 71 yard touchdown. Devin Smith would follow with 17 yards receiving and Specner Parsons would finish the night with 11 yards.

The Cougars have the week off but will host the Barren County Trojans next Friday night at home.