Leave your dog at home during the Tobacco & Heritage Festival

Chris Cooper Managing Editor

October 7, 2013

As the Tobacco and Heritage Festival approaches, the city of Russellville would like to remind the community of Ordinance 2004-10, which says, “It shall be unlawful for any person to bring any dog, leashed or unleashed, to any public event held in the City of Russellville.”

Bringing your dogs to the festival creates a concern for the public’s health and safety, said Russellville Mayor Mark Stratton.

The ordinance will be strictly enforced at the festival and any events in the city during this time

Complaints come in after the festival concerning dogs and they city wants to assure the safety and well being of all those who attend the event. Some people feel very uneasy when strange dogs are around their children.

“I’m not a dog hater, but it is on the books,” said Stratton.

There is no separation for big dogs or little dogs. Even though a larger dog may scare some, small dogs that are carried in purses or strollers can feel confined and scared and may act out in an aggressive way.

“We are just trying to alert people ahead of time to leave their dogs at home. I hate to be the bad guy, but I have to think of all the citizens and their safety,” said the mayor.