September 26, 2013

Hello from the great little town of Adairville, Kentucky, home of the extraordinary artist Peggy Brewer. Peggy is a fifth generation Adairvillian. Prior to her marriage to Ralph Brewer she was a Stacker. Her father was the Kentucky State Auditor over 75 years ago. One of her family members, a Col. Barbee, built the first permanent bridge over the Cumberland River in Nashville. Peggy tells me that she and Ralph are the fifth generation of her family to live in their home on Church Street. It was built over 100 years ago by family members.

Peggy and Ralph lived in Ohio for many years where Ralph was a manager at a major corporation. Following Ralph’s retirement they spent time at a home in Arizona, in Florida and Adairville. They raised four children all of which have been very successful in life.

The Brewers are very active in Adairville. They attend the local Methodist Church. When their children and grand children are in town they also attend the church. Ralph has also taught an exercise class at the Fish & Game Habitat. He is an active golfer. Peggy paints in her spare time.

A good many years ago when Ralph was still managing at the corporation in Ohio, Peggy took up the hobby of painting beautiful works of art. At first the paintings were for home and family. Since then close friends and a few others. A few years ago Peggy held a very successful showing/exhibit of almost 30 of her beautiful paintings. This was at the annual Strawberry Festival. Her show was one of the hit attractions at the Strawberry Festival that year.

This year both Peggy and Ralph have reached their 90 birthdays and continue to be very productive in life. Sharing the many joys of family and a wonderful life together. Ralph once told me he married the prettiest girl in Adairville. One look at Peggy today and you could say she is the prettiest very young 90 year old in Kentucky today.

The wonderful thing about Peggy’s paintings is that she continues to put out beautiful pieces today. Grand Ma Moses continued to produce beautiful paintings well into her 105th year. I would not be surprised if Grand Ma Peggy did not do the same. Look for her next showing at the Adairville Strawberry Festival in May 2014.

Last Friday evening the Red River Fish & Game Habitat put on another outstanding annual fish fry and fund raiser auction. The Forgy Town Band played to a full house of enthusiastic patrons. The food was outstanding and there was plenty of it. The auction brought in a good amount of money to help fund Christmas baskets for over 100 families come the month of December. Ten lucky patrons won $50 cash each and two people split the $2,000 cash prize. Everyone who bought a ticket for the dinner also received a prize of free fishing during the month of October.

Adairville Business News Tina’s Treasures Two has a sale going on. Stop by and check out all the great deals on women’s and children’s clothing and accessories. Tina’s is located in the old bank building next to the old IGA location. The Country Angel, across from the BP, has a sale on jewelry, hand bags, rare teas, soaps and UK things. The Davis Hardware Store has a sale on all types of bug sprays, yard rakes, and leaf bags, soft drinks by the case, paint and Mrs. Davis’ old husband Charlie. (He is not as old as previously reported.) NAPA Auto Parts has a sale going on in the front of the store. There are a number of useful tools being sold for as much as 50% off. Trimble’s Service Center is giving away free air for your tires and offering a good deal on the purchase of new tires. Check on antifreeze and winterizing your car or truck. The 431 Café is running a daily special. Friday night is fish night and Sunday dinner offers a special also. Desserts are usually homemade and very good. Ronnie’s Upholstery can fix your church up with nice seats for the pews. They might even upholstery a valuable antique chair or couch for you. John Lee Barnes Insurance can fix you up with all kinds of insurance. Farm, crop, home owners, renters, cars, trucks, tractors, boats, motor cycles and much more can be insured by reliable John Lee. Charles Bindley’s Art School is enrolling students for the fall courses. If you are a would be artist contact the Brindleys right away. In addition to Charles’ great paintings his wife builds beautiful castles that sale for very generous prices.

A Word About Our New Police Officer Adairville has a new police chief. In fact he is our only police officer. I got a glimpse of him leaving the Fish & Game Habitat last Friday evening, or at least I think that was him. I hear he is tough! Well, sometimes that is what it takes. Children and adults do not need to be out walking the streets of Adairville at one and two o’clock in the morning. (What are the parents thinking?) They do not need to be in City Park or the park on the town square at such late hours. Watch your speed in and out of town. I hear he is waiting on you. He also has a friend or two on the county and state forces who can be present when he is sleeping or taking a break so watch out. I hear he is death on drug pushers and three cheers on that. (We do not want or need them.) I hear we have a new problem of a copper thief in town. If you know who it is please contact the chief through city hall.

Churches beware! Copper thieves love church heating and cooling units. Be sure and enclose yours with a strong fence and a strong lock. Several area churches have already had their units stolen. Don’t let yours be next.

PAT ON THE BACK This week my pat on the back goes to Isabel Tyler and Carol McKinney. Two lovely ladies who are a major part of the Adairville Methodist Church. “Ms. Isabel” is a premier cake baker. Her small tasty cakes have been eaten by many ministers, most of her church, the community and me. None better! She cut me off though when she found out I was diabetic.

“Ms. Carol” as she is affectionately known is a tough ol’ codger! If you want to know what she thinks, don’t ask her. She will tell you anyway. She helps me with my column. Every week she reads the Friday edition and then lets me know what she thinks. She is a stickler on spelling and grammar. Sometimes she questions a statement or two or three or four. I have to agree with her more times than I don’t.

I love both of these ladies and salute them for their love of Adairville, the people here and their church.

TIME TO GO Good night sweet ladies and highly intelligent men of Adairville, “Sweet Bertie Angel” and Mrs. Calabash where ever you are!