Rev. Ernie Johnson

September 26, 2013

I believe God has a plan for the church. A plan for the future that will amaze and astonish those that give only “lip service” to serving the Lord. There is a tremendous difference between knowing Jesus, and saying we know Him. I believe we live to become one with Jesus, and once that occurs, it matters not what He asks us to do. He may ask us to do the most obscure things that we think are completely meaningless, yet they have far reaching effects, and when we truly know Him we submit to His will. These things are only obscure and meaningless to the world God sees our submission to His will.

There are times of testing that cause us to think we have reached our limit and can go no further. It is at that point we discover the depth of our relationship with Christ and we learn to trust. A good example is Daniel. He trusted God, even to the point of being thrown into the lions’ den, yet he remained faithful. How we face our trials demonstrates our faith, and this may lead others to Christ. I think you will agree that no cost is too high if someone comes to Jesus. We reach this relationship with Jesus through prayer.

God’s people have the responsibility to pray, fast and seek God’s will each day. I urge anyone reading this to PRAY and seek God’s will. If you are truly seeking to communicate with God and not just say words, I have a suggestion. Record one of your prayer sessions, and then listen to the way you pray. Now ask yourself this question: Is this really prayer, or just a learned ritual? Would you talk to your earthly father, or a friend, the way you attempt to talk with God?

True prayer is not the idea of approaching God with a “shopping list” or a “let’s get this over with” attitude, but with awe and reverence. We must come into His presence believing He is the Creator of the universe. It matters not if we stand, kneel, sit or fall on our face prostrate before Him; we have an awesome privilege of talking with God. All too often, we approach God not out of a holy reverence or fear, but with a list of demands. No one would approach the president with a demanding attitude and a list of demands expecting him to grant them all. We need to change the way we pray, change the way we worship, change the way we approach God and then our relationship with Him will change. Each new day brings new challenges and new ways that I can depend upon my God. I pray you, dear reader; also know the joy of walking daily in the presence of Jesus.

It matters not whether we serve in the spotlight, or just remain in the background, our goal must be to get to know Him. Our purpose, our goal, must be to know Him. Once we know Him, He can use us any way He desires. Perhaps He only wants us to sit at His feet and listen to Him. Attempting to “hide” inside a church building will not work for we are to be His messengers. However, we must wait upon the Lord for running ahead proves to be an exercise in futility. In Him I can do all things, without Him I am worse than useless. I will tire quickly when I run ahead, but I can do all things when I wait upon Him.

Isaiah 40:31

Yet those who wait for the Lord Will gain new strength; They will mount up with wings like eagles, They will run and not get tired, They will walk and not become weary. NASB

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