September 19, 2013

Hello again from historic and beautiful Adairville, Kentucky. One of the oldest known sites inhabited by mankind in North America. (Cook’s or Savage Cave and surrounding lands just east of town.) One of the first European sites settled on the western frontier of the old British Southwest Territories. One of the first sites to establish schools on the frontier. Situated on rich and fertile land between the north and south branches of the Red River. A place that has produced outstanding individuals for parts of four centuries. A great place to live and raise a family, farm, retire or do what you please. I love it!

The big news in Adairville over the past week and the front page news story of the ND&L on Tuesday was the discovery of a live rocket that was probably World War II or Korean War vintage. It was found while cleaning out a building on South Main Street. After all the authorities were called and representatives from Fort Campbell took charge the shell was exploded at the city’s burn site near the old Adairville Water Plant. The explosion was felt up to five miles away. No one seems to know where the live shell came from. Had it gone off accidentally Becky Tinch and her mother would probably be sitting in heaven right now.

The big news this week is the annual Red River Fish & Game Habitat Fish Fry. This nearly 50 year annual event is coming up this Saturday, September 21, at the non-profit organizations James Lake property. This is two blocks east of the only stop sign in Adairville on Hwy 431. (Main Street.) If going south turn left at the stop sign. Go two blocks and turn right on James Lake Road. The entrance is at the end of the block.

The habitat is presenting three Logan County citizens with outstanding public servant awards. They are Martha Jane King, Scottie Harper and Joe Ross. If you are a friend of one or all of these fine citizens please attend and show your support.

Live music performed by the well known Forgy Town Band will begin at 4:30 p.m. Jeff and Glenda Fuller along with their great band will perform throughout the evening. Serving will begin at 5 p.m. Tickets will be on sale at the gate. One ticket feeds two adults, provides for a chance to win one of 10 club memberships and/or the $2,000 cash grand prize. There will be several door prizes given away as well. The price for a ticket is only $25 and feeds two. There will be a special child’s plate (12 and under) for $5.) Special raised cat fish, beans, cold slaw, hush puppies, tea and desert will be provided.

There will also be a big fun auction which helps the habitat provide for 100 food baskets for Adairville residents at Christmas time. Please bring a nice item to donate for the auction. Since the RRF&GH is a 501 C3 non-profit organization, donations can be tax deducted.

The possibility of a grocery in Adairville? I think I want a grocery in Adairville as much as Mayor Donna Blake or any other citizen in town. Adairville needs a grocery. The nearest grocery is 12 miles down the road in Springfield, Tenn., where there is a 9 percent sales tax added to the total. The next closest store would be the grocery in the Bethel Shopping Center in Russellville. That is a long way for one of the several hundred Adairville citizens that do not have a car. It is a long way for several hundred additional citizens who have only one car and that car is gone all day. It is a long way for the citizens who need one more item for supper and cannot run to the store real quickly before supper. Our town lost its window of opportunity some six years ago when IGA wanted to put a full service grocery on Hwy 431 next to city hall. For six months IGA was blocked from purchasing the needed property. They ended up building in Lewisburg and in another location. Then the economy went down and we lost our shot at a really nice store.

I have spoken with two top officials of IGA. They tell me they are not coming. That we lost our window of opportunity. They still own the land on Hwy 431 but have no plans to build. Adairville and all of its citizens are the real losers. Had petty politics at the time not played such a crucial role several years ago we would have our store. I can only be sad for our good citizens.

Two weeks ago I finally met young Peter Botros. Peter is the son of the late owner of the building where the Hoover Grocery and later the IGA Store was located on the Adairville town square. He told me that he would like to put a small store in part of the building where our last grocery was located. His fear is that the town would not support the store. He told me maybe in a couple of months but then he has been saying this for many months. In reality he would like to sale the building for about $100,000. It could be divided into as many as three store fronts. Any takers?

I am trying to locate Mrs. Thompson who called in to the Don Neagle Show, on WRUS Radio, a couple of weeks ago when I was a guest. She came by my home to drop off a book but I missed her. I think she tried to call but the answering machine cut off so I did not receive the message.

A PAT ON THE BACK – I was at the Russellville Wal-mart a few days ago when Brenda Reeves, a customer, came to my rescue. Since my severely broken leg a couple of years ago I use a motorized wheel chair when shopping. When my chair ran out of juice at the back of the store and with a full load, Mrs. Reeves was kind enough to see that staff came and brought a new juiced up chair. Then I went back to helping the county economy.

ONE FINE LADY – Virginia Lloyd is one fine lady and citizen of Adairville. She supports her town, her church, the Fish & Game Habitat and all things that are good in our town. She is a true town historian. Virginia remains fairly active when she is approaching 100 years of age. (A few more years in the future.) I wish there were younger folks in town that took the care and interest in Adairville. She is an inspiration to all who know her.

TIME TO GO – Good afternoon fair citizens. Come to the fish fry this afternoon starting at 5 p.m. Till then bye fair ladies of the town, “Sweet Bertie Angel” and Mrs. Calabash where ever you are.