July 3, 2013

Hello, how was your week? Warm days, promises of rain, however, so far no rain. I hear gardens are needing it. That is one thing I really miss. Thankfully those that are able to raise the veggies share with me. Thank goodness.

Dennie Mohon is scheduled to have surgery. Hope he does fine and will soon be feeling better.

Cindy Steward is to have surgery soon too. Hope she does fine and feels much better.

Delores Delk was due to have tests this past week, but haven’t heard her results.

Sorry Marsha Fuller had a bad report from her tests, hope medicine can help at this point. Remember she and Tony as you pray. They, like the rest of us, need it.

Cousin Lasley has been in this week, as is most every week. So have Stanley, Elaine, Tara and grandkids Kyla and Micheala Sweeney from Charleston, S.C. and Marvine Borders. Stacey Jernigan brought my supper Monday night and Martha Harris brought me some squash and green beans. Thanks very much.

Wanda Coursey has not been feeling well lately, however, she felt like attending preaching services this morning. In the absence of the pastor, Bro. Art and Jane. Filling in was Bro. Kenny Chyle and wife Wanda.

Like I mentioned previously, Kyla and Michela are here for several days with Granma Elaine and Grand-Stan. They are sure 2 lively little girls and can keep you very much entertained.

Our sympathy to the Wayne Graham family.

Bringing my supper Friday night from the church was Morgan Adkisson and daughter Olivia.

Visiting Saturday with granny Virginia Hart was grandson Chad and Georgina Gibson from Warren County and their 3 darling girls.

Hope you have a good week and see ya next time.