June 6, 2013

The first day of June and raining. Remember the old saying “rain first day of the month. it will rain 15 days.”

Cousin Lasley Johnson had eye surgery on Tuesday at Glasgow and is doing fine. Will have the other one done later.

Sue and James Fuller have been back this week to his Dr. in Bowling Green. He is still having problems with his breathing. He was given 2 new prescriptions and goes back in 8 weeks, so hopefully this new medicine will help.

Sorry friend Kathryn Stuart has been sick. Checked in with her Dr. and is feeling better. Her daughter, Nancy Renfro has been sick and in St. Thomas in Nashville. She is back home and hopfully doing much better.

One afternoon this past week Shirley G. Price from Owensboro called and they were okay. Shirley was still working at a drug store. They both stay busy.

John 15:12 says, “This is my commandment, that ye love one another, as I have loved you.”

On Thursday, Judy Jernigan picked me up. We went to KFC and met Martine Brown and Kathryn Stuart and had a most enjoyable day and lunch. While in there we saw Sarah Justice, Don Neagle, Mr. Willis and Mrs. Helen Shores. It was good to see and pass a few words with them.

Glad Marvine Borders is back home again after visiting a few days with daughter Fredia and Mark Pitchford in Paris, Illinois.

Those in this week have been Steve Timberlake. He brought some lettuce and onions. Others were Steve Cross, Kim Richardson, Stacey Jernigan, who brought my supper, Mark and Kay Thornberry and J.C. and Imogene Fleming from Owenboro.