May 2, 2013

Hello from south Logan County and historic Adairville. Wake up! It is spring cleaning time! There are extra dumpsters behind the library and next to the fire hall. Clean up and fix up. Bring your extra trash to these dumpsters. There is no charge. Also take your tree limbs and branches down to the city dumping area. Again there is no charge.

NEWS Willie England Riggins turned 100 years old last September 22. Larry McComas seriously ill in hospital in Nashville. Mr. Robert Andrew Warren, born two weeks ago this Sunday at 7 lbs & 2 oz., to proud parents Amber & Bobby Warren. Proud grand parents Evelyn & Jeff Orndorff. Proud great grand parents the Robert Harts & the Orndorffs. (I understand that a baby girl was expected but a baby boy came instead.) The Davis/Adairville Hardware has a sale on bug sprays, rose care products, spring cleaning products and many nice tomato, watermelon and other plants. All plants are 4 for $1.

STRAWBERRY FESTIVAL - The 67th Annual Strawberry Festival is upon us. Saturday May 11 kicks off the annual event.

Plan for the following:

8 a.m. sign up for annual 5K Run. 9 a.m. The race is a foot!

1 p.m. Annual Car & Tractor Show begins. First vehicle $15, additional $5 each.

5 p.m. Annual Strawberry Festival Dinner, Awards & Auction

7 p.m. Free Music on the city square

Special Notice - Arm Band Sales now under way $30 each. Available at city hall. This allows the person wearing the arm band unlimited rides for 16, 17 & 18. Great value. Otherwise ride tickets are about $5 per ride. Casey Shows are back this year and promise lots of exciting rides. Remember the arm bands go off sale on Thursday as soon as the rides start up. (Arm bands can not be exchanged if they are broken they are no longer any good.)

Programs with the entire schedule are now available at the shops and stores in Adairville. Check for Pet Show, Karaoke Contest, Baby Contests and Beauty Queen Contests.

The Casey Rides start at 4 p.m. Thursday May 16. Food and other vendors will be on the streets surrounding the park on the town square. Crafts and other vendors will also be in the park.

There will be more free entertainment than has ever been offered before. Every day and every evening there will be free shows. Be sure and bring folding chairs for your entire family.

Saturday May 18 is the big day starting in the morning and running till late in the evening. The reenactment of the Jackson-Dickinson Duel is at 1 p.m. followed by the annual parade. Free music all day and night. Come and enjoy all the fun.

NOTE: If you have fresh strawberry’s to sale please bring them to the festival. There is a great demand for them and we never have enough! The chamber’s annual Strawberry Shack will be open daily selling strawberry shortcake. Be sure to stop by and enjoy a nice short cake each day.

WITH A SMILE - A college professor offered a short story writing contest. He instructed the students that they had to include three things to make their story a success. These were 1) Religion, 2) romance and 3) mystery. The winning short story was short indeed. It was as follows: “God, I got pregnant and I do not know who the father was!” End of the award winning short story that met all three criteria.

Years ago when I was 14 years old, I attended a dog show in Chicago, Illinois with friends and relatives. There was a wonderful grand ole lady who was nearly 100 years old. Her name was Anna B. Vinyard and she was from Cincinnati. She was very famous for her chihuahua dogs. I will never forget approaching the show ring as the exhibitors were leading their dogs around and around the show ring. I noticed as Mrs. Vinyard led her little dog around the ring that something was falling down under her dress. It was a ladies apparel called pantaloons. A type of under garment that women wore, I guess, for centuries. At any rate Mrs. Vinyard’s draw string snapped and down came her panties in front of over 100 people. She stepped out of the panties very graciously, picked them up, looked around for someone to take them and then walked straight over and handed them to me. I was only 14 I turned a bright red. At any rate I quickly stuck them under my jacket and smiled like I did not know they were there. Well, Mrs. Vinyard and her little dog won that day. I will never forget that event as long as I shall live.

Till next time. Bye to each of you and Mrs. Isabel, Mrs. Carol and Mrs. Gunderson at the Methodist Church. The wonderful couple that sit in the front pew. The great piano player who plays so fast. The Brewers who are due back from Florida. The lady minister who delivers a good message. The Gunderson twins that wake up the church. All the Prince family that can fill several pews when they all come. The Bill Steens who can sing as fast as the piano player can play. To all the good members of that fine church. To sweet Bertie Angel who is about 98 and goes to the Baptist Church in the country and to Mrs. Calabash where ever you are!