May 2, 2013

Howdy, it is Saturday and a dreary, rainy day. It is a day the Lord has made, let us rejoice and be glad in it.

Sorry, Jeff Fuller has the shingles and I know he has just got to be miserable. They not only hurt, they make you miserable. It will get better.

Our sympathy to Christine White and the family in the death of their son Jerry White. His services were this past week.

Sorry cousin Marshall Johnson in St. Louise, brother of Lasley Johnson, is in the hospital there with pneumonia. He is home now.

Some known May birthdays are the 7th Olivia Wells, the 15th Ronnie Rosser, the 18th grandson John Sweeney, the 22nd Betty Grayson, the 25th Joyce Wilson and Curtis Coursey and the 27th Randy Fuqua and Bayleigh Connally.

Some known anniversaries are the 2nd David and Sherry Etheride, the 10th Warren and Betty Stuart, the 12th Alfred and Jo Davis, the 15th Mark and Freida Pitchford and the 31st Chris and Alicia Johnson. The 8th would have been Bob and my 67th anniversary.

Congratulations to Terry and Marilyn Elliot as they celebrated their 55th anniversary on April 22nd. Hope you have many more.

Randall Adler is home after a few days in Greenview in Bowling Green. he is feeling much better. It was nice of Jolene to wait a few days after he got home to have to see the Dr. herself, and she is better too.

Sorry Morris Costellow remains in the hospital in Bowling Green, wish he could get to feeling better. I’m sure Nadine, as well as Morris would covet your prayers on their behalf.

On a recent Thursday, 13 campers left Beech Bend in Bowling Green with passengers of course and a couple of them were Sheila and Jeff Barrow. They went to Chattanooga for mission work. Those two have been doing this for some time. We are proud of them that they can give of their time and talents this way. Glad they are back home.

James and Sue Fuller are still improving a little at a time, so keep it up.

The Hart boys Jerry, Terry and Ronnie of Greenville were all at their moms Virginia Hart Saturday morning.

Lannie Jernigan and granddaughter Cassidy brought my supper this past week, many thanks. And then Friday night the Come to the Table crew fixed our supper and bringing mine was Erin Borders and her niece little Olivia Atkisson.

Until next time, see ya!