April 18, 2013

Marsha Fuller had surgery this past week in Greenview Hospital Tuesday and has now been moved to Sky for more therapy. She seems to be doing well. She is the daughter-in-law of Sue and James Fuller.

Sue has had problems this week and saw her Dr. 2 different days, but she is feeling much better. James still has problems with his breathing, some days more than others.

Sorry to hear that Morris Costellow is in Greenview in Bowling Green. Hope he is soon feeling better. I have been in Greenview and think if you have to be in the hospital, rather than Russellville, choose Greenview, it is good.

Cousin Lasley checked in with his Dr. in Bowling Green this past week and got a good report.

Heard from former Todd County Lyndle and Clestible Tabb now of Fortville, Indiana. His 89th birthday was last Saturday and they had an open house, he really enjoyed the time. Hope to hear from them. They seemed to be as well as usual, both are in bad shape.

I noticed in the paper this past week there was a mistake. It read Steve in the hospital in Bowling Green, instead of his dad Virgil Timberlake. Hope he is home now and feeling better.

Sunday at Virginia Hart’s were all the Florida bunch, or at least part of them. Those there were Jerry and Claudia Hart, J.D. and Morgan Atkisson and Lane, Oliver and Naomi. She of course enjoyed them there.

Hester Martin and I had an enjoyable afternoon last Sunday when we attended the singing at Grace Baptist Church. The Snead Family were the guest group. They did a fine job. The only complaint we has was they were a bit loud, but as you know in today’s world if they are not loud, they seem to think, uh oh, gotta be loud. They knew they were to loud, I told them so. They will be guests here at Elk Lick for our homecoming in July.

Keep a watch, for soon the market known as “Produce & More” will be reopening very soon at the corner of 106 west. The big building on your left coming from Rusellville. George and Beverly Whitson had it open there last year. It will be stocked with all kinds of fresh veggies, plants and so forth. So be watching!

It was very cold in church this morning. I heard someone say, “I sure am glad I have this coat.” I know there is always a bunch of hot natured people, but this much older generation, of which I am, gosh it was cold.

Visitor this week have been Stacey Jernigan and Cassiday, they brought my supper. Judy Jernigan, Chris Cooper and Dee Dee Brown were here on Wednesday and brought my lunch, good, very good potato soup and Kenny Cummins of Princeton on Saturday. I always enjoy people dropping in.

Our sympathy to the family of James Lawson.

See ya next time.