March 21, 2013

Hello. It is a pretty day in Spa, however, the weatherman is saying rain. The wind is a little rough.

Visiting awhile with his parents Sue and James Fuller last week were son Jeff and the boys Luke, Sean and Brett. They had a good visit.

Stanley Wayne and Elaine and Tara enjoyed lunch after church last Sunday with Mike and Hope Strode and Makayla.

I had a good talk Sunday night with Margaret and Curtis Stuart. Lo those many years ago Curtis and I both attended the Stuart’s school. They were doing very well.

I heard there were some snow flurries on Wednesday, however, I did not see any, yet I saw them on Thursday. Hopefully, as spring is to be here next week, we won’t have anymore snow, but who knows. The biggest snow I ever saw fell in March and seemed like it stayed forever. I know Bob and I had been visiting Jesse David, my brother in North Carolina and he got leave and we headed to Spa and the nearer were got home, the deeper the snow.

Friday Evelyn Dill saw her Dr. in Nashville, she does have more problems and they intend to follow up on treatments, so hope she soon feels a lot better.

Lillian Johnson is again home after a couple of weeks in Greenview Hospital in Bowling Green.

Sue Fuller had a test Friday in Bowling Green by Dr. Arshard. Some were okay, others caused a new prescription and gosh it was awfully expensive. No wonder people can’t exist.

Sorry Deloris Delk fell one day last week and banged herself up real good. Luckily she did not break any bones, but is still awfully sore.

Kathy Woodward celebrated her birthday this past week and her family helped her celebrate.

Lois Earl (Farmer) Brown has had more medical problems, but is again feeling some better. That youngan has had a lot of medical problems this past year, so maybe this year is finally gonna be better.

Those that have been in here this week have been Lannie and Judy Jernigan, Stacey Jernigan, Marvine Borders, Martha Williams, Curtis and Brenda Coursey and Dr. Lynwood Montell of Bowling Green. We got out and rode around sight seeing and found some road we had never been on before and of course we had to eat before bringing me home and then him onto B.G.

So have a good week and keep a happy smile on your face.