March 7, 2013

Hello from the big island between the north and south branches of the Red River. A place.that houses one of the most historic places in all of Kentucky. Home of “Savage Cave” (one of the great caves in America), site of early man going back more than 10,000 years and possibly as long as 15,000 to 20,000 years. A cave that holds and has held prehistoric animal bones dating back additional thousands of years. (Several museums and many individuals hold hundreds of artifacts that have been removed from the cave.)

The site of at least six early stations or forts housed by pioneer settlers in the 1700’s and 1800’s to protect the lives and property of those who braved the island to start a new life. (The farm land that was cleared by the settlers was some of the richest in all of Kentucky.)

The town of Adairville sprung up at the site of one of the forts. Other small settlements such as Dot, Hill Top, Schcohoh, Schley and others also sprung up near the early forts.

From this land evolved the Red River Meeting House where the second great awakening began, where Peter Cartwright grew up and eventually became one of the most famous ministers in American History, where the future President Andrew Jackson murdered Charles Henry Dickinson in one of the two most famous duels in American History. Where Aaron Burr, third Vice President of the U.S., and also part of the other most famous duel visited relatives several times.

Adairville also housed four aunts and four uncles of Frank and Jesse James. The town and countryside became the source of several hideouts for the famous James boys and their gang. (Many of their gang members were cousins who came from this little town and the little near by village of Lick Skillet.

The famous Younger Gang originally lived just south of the state line in Orlinda, Tennessee but several members moved to Adairville for safe haven. From time to time they road with the James Gang. One of the Youngers was killed in a famous shootout just east of town.

Big Harpe and Little Harpe, the first mass murders in America, stopped off in Adairville and carried on their robbing and killing spree up and down what is now Highway 431 or the Nashville Highway or the Russellville Highway depending on which direction you are going.

For a number of years Adairville was known as a safe haven for crooks, thieves, highwaymen and a rough lot of people. At one time the little town had at least five saloons and a “house of ill repute” just south of town on the banks of the south branch of the Red River.

Some of the earliest schools in western Kentucky were located in or near Adairville. The town developed a strong merchant class that sold their goods to early pioneers who were moving westward

The third Great Awakening or religious movement in America had its beginnings in the person of another famous minister, “Sister Nina Pierce. This charismatic preacher came to Adairville for a number of years and preached the gospel, established three churches and went on to establish a movement that has more than 100 churches in the southern US and that many over seas.

Adairville and the villages around it have produced many famous people and I hope to publish a book about them in the next year.

LOCAL NEWS Clay Bilyeu and his traveling minstrel (good singers) packed the 431 Cafe again last Saturday night. (Even with bad weather.) Not only can Clay belt out a great song, but his friends have great singing voices as well. Beverly Hall should be on the Grand Ole Opry in Nashville. Dea Howard and Kevin Hall also could be professionals. Timmy Parrish should have a recording contract. He is good! Brian Hutcheson was the spectator of the evening. A fun guy that was so into the music that he fell out of his chair and brought the most excitement of the night! David Hightower and brother Standly HIghtower both sang some good songs. David recently danced on the popular Show Nashville.

One of the things pointed out to me during the good meal, good service and good entertainment was that most of the people packing the restaurant were not from Adairville. Where were the Adairville people? There were people from Russellville, Lewisburg, Springfield and the like but only a handful from our town. “It is called support your town.” I think people have gotten too complacent, just watch their TV sets and stay home. I say cut the TV off and get out and support your town.

The annual Adairvlle Easter events this year will be one weekend prior to Easter. Saturday March 23. The big Adairville Corn Hole Tournament begins that morning at 10 a.m. The Annual Easter Parade will kick off at about 1 p.m. followed by the big annual Easter Egg Hunt. Good prizes and lots of fun. The Easter Bunny is coming and will be in the parade and available for pictures with the kids. Adairville is one of only two towns in the state that still carry on the tradition of an Easter Parade. We need more participants for the parade. We need folks with antique cars, churches, horses, ladies with fancy hats, horse and buggies, clowns, tractors, fire trucks, mayors, city council members, musicians, county public officials and any others of interest.. So contact me at 539-2007 or cell 615-389-5495. The parade will line up at the Adairville School at 12 Noon. Wilna Clinard is my Co-Chair for the parade.

Easter is early this year. It is Sunday March 31. I just received a notice that the Calvery Baptist Church is again observing Sunrise Services and a nice breakfast. Other churches are invited to participate and anyone who reads this article is invited. By attending you will have the opportunity to see the new church addition.

Mayor Donna Blake and husband Thurman are to be the Grand Marshals for the parade this year. They are being honored for all the hard work they have done and are doing for the citizens of the town.

The Adairville Corn Hole Tournament will be a big event this year. It will go on once a month till fall. The final winners will be the county champions so get your entries in right away. Call city hall for more information.

Dan Halman died this week. He was highly respected in the community and will be greatly missed by family and friends.

PAT ON THE BACK Goes to Judy Howe who works at Wal-Mart in Russellville. She has built a wonderful reputation of friendliness towards the customers and a real professional in dealing with the public. I was impressed the first time she checked me out. A big pat on the back for Judy Howe!

Time to go. Good night to all the health care workers who live in Adairville and the county, Judge Chicks lovely wife, all the good cooks at the Adairville Methodist Church, all the Trimbles and Orndorffs, to “Sweet Bertie Angel” and Mrs.Calabash where ever you are!