February 28, 2013

Hello from the little town of Adairville (very historical) on the big island between the north and south branches of the Red River.

The home of one of the best schools in Kentucky, one of the most historic caves in the nation, some of the most beautiful women in the nation and some of the brightest men. What a wonderful place to call home.

Mayor Donna Blake has a nice and informative Face Book Page. Check it out. She seems to be doing a lot to keep the citizens up to date on what is going on. Some of the information is as follows:

  • JD Chaney, Kentucky League of Cities Director met with the council at their last meeting.
  • A new business entreprenaur was in town to look at the hosery milll for possible development.
  • Junior England won the bid to build an addition to the fire deptment for the purpose of housing a new tanker.
  • Mayor Blake and council members Tinch, Steen, Violette and Trimble attended a Ky. League of Cities meeting in Frankfort. Also met with Governor Beshear, Rep. Jody Richards, Rep Martha Jane King and Sen. Westerfield. They also ran into Lee Robey while there. They did the whole thing leaving home at 7 a.m. and returning by midnight - all in one day. Wow!
  • Tom Harned the Economic Director of Logan Council has also met with the mayor and council. Harned is an outstanding person who knows how to attract business.
  • Mayor Blake and Danny Finch (I believe) met with Peter Aaliyel, owner of the old grocery property on the town square, regarding reopening a grocery on the old site.

There is a strong chance that this will come about.

OTHER NEWS Clay Bilyeu will be back, and some other very good singers, at the 431 Cafe this weekend. Last month the restaurant was packed so come early. The food is good. The music is good. People have a great time so you should join in the once a month event. I had a lot of fun at the last one and a good hamburger steak to boot. Never saw so many people having such a good time.

Call the 431 Cafe for times and other information. There is no cover charge.

Word from Wayne Stratton is that the archery tournament last weekend was a huge success. There were well over 500 young students competing from both Kentucky and Tennessee. In fact the event was so popular that almost 500 applicants could not be registered due to lack of space. The event was at the Adairville School. Maybe next year they could hold some of the events over at the Fish & Game Habitat.. That could help take in many of the young people that could not get in this year. Congratulations to Adairville’s team, the school and sponsors. You did a great job.

Time to start thinking about Adairville’s upcoming Annual Easter Egg Hunt, Easter Parade and opening of our super countywide corn hole tournament.. We had 17 entrants in the parade last year and would like to add more this year. We had hundreds for the Easter Egg Hunt. All this will be one weekend before Easter. The hunt, parade and corn hole tournament will be on Saturday March 23. Easter is Sunday March 31.

WITH A SMILE I love to attend dog shows. Some years back I was attending a dog show at the Nashville Municipal Auditorium. As it was a group of about 20 of my friends and I were having a picnic at the show and a little club meeting. Just as we were enjoying our meal, talking about our dogs and having a great time dear “Mrs. Rose” and ole timer in the club came stroling by with her terrier dog on a long chain lead. Instead of following the rules and taking her dog to an exercise pen to do it’s business she led the dog to an indoor post and looked the other way as the dog hiked it’s leg.

As it happened there was an electric plug on that pole and the dogs urin hit that plug square center. The electricity came out of that plug, up the urin, hit te dog, up the metal chain lead and hit Mrs. Rose. Both the dog and Mrs. Rose hit the floor. We all thought they were dead.

Fortunately it did neither any worse. They were both up and about shortly. The interesting thing was that both the dog and Mrs. Rose were elderly and lived many many more years. The morale of the story is don’t let your dog pea on poles or it may come back and bite you.

Time to go. Good night sweet ladies of the county, “Sweet Bertie Angel and Mrs. Calabash where ever you are.”