February 27, 2013

Cousin Sue Fuller is home after a few days in the local hospital. She is better, but not well by any means.

Our sympathy to Dorotha Sosh in the death of her brother. I also talked to her hubby Lon Sosh one day recently, he sounded in good spirits. He is going about doing good as the Bible tells us to do. Hang ion their Lon, we are all behind you.

Can you believe March is here already? Like where did January and February go?

Some known birthdays are the 11th Mitchell Johnson, the 21st Marvine Borders and the 29th Glenn Baugh. Did you notice how the whole family not only has birthdays together they, Cathy and Glenn got married on the 14th back in 1980, so enjoy that day too.

Matthew 11 verse 28, “Come unto me, all that labor and are heavy laden, and I will give you rest.”

I think Lucille Whitson’s birthday was this past Thursday the 21st. Son George and Bev visited with her at Hearthstone Place in Elkton with cake. She seems to be doing very well.

Eating breakfast Saturday morning with their mom Virginia hart were sons Jerry Hart and Ronny Hart of Greenville and son Terry got to stop in long enough to say hello to all before leaving for work.

Hasn’t these last few days been very pretty? Some mornings still pretty chilly, yet the sun is shining so pretty. However, the weatherman is again promising more rain.

Remember March 10th is the time for the old climb the chairs and run the clock ahead. Daylight Savings time begins Sunday. I know I keep repeating I wish “they” would leave the clocks alone.. Get up an hour early and go play golf, leave the rest of us alone. At least I like the same time. So far I can’t see that it has saved any time.

Those that have been in here this week have been Judy Jernigan and Lannie Jernigan and Bev Whitson.

Keep a happy, smiling face as you meet people out this week. It will make someone feel a lot better.

See ya next time.