February 21, 2013

Greetings for the Antioch Community.

A Valentine Dinner was held in the Fellowship Hall at Antioch Baptist Church on Saturday night. Pictures was made at 5:30 and then the Dinner was at 6 p.m. The ladies had a lot of food and everything was delicious. After the meal, Paulette Hadden was the speaker. She was great. Then they played games and had prizes. Everyone had a good time. Thank you ladies for the Dinner and the great Fellowship we enjoyed. There was 30 present.

Sunday was my daughter-in-law’s birthday. My son came after me and I went down there after church and ate Birthday Dinner with the family. Betty cooked the Dinner all except the dessert. Traci, her daughter-in-law, brought it. We enjoyed the good meal and being together.

Tammy Sears sang a special Sunday morning and Cheryl Flewallen played a Piano solo for us again. She is so good. Wish everyone could hear her.

Sue (Key) Addison from California was at church with us Sunday morning. She was flying back home Tuesday after visiting with her family in Kentucky.

My friend Myrtle Pogue brought me the paper Sunday morning so I could see our picture that was made at the Fisher House at Ft. Campbell. I haven’t received the paper since before December. I sure do miss it.

The write-up about the Republican Women’s Club donating the big gift was good. but one thing I would like to explain. Our Sunday School Class didn’t start it in our church. It was out W.O.M. ladies which stands for “Women on Mission.” but what I want everyone to know is that our entire church family took part in giving the money. We are very proud of our church supporting our mission work. In December we sponsored a child from Lewisburg school for Christmas. In January we gave tot he Home Bound Seniors. Again, our church backed us up. In February we gave for the Mission trip to Nicaragua and again our church family came through for us, and we sure do appreciate all the help. Bur W.O.M. group is small and can’t do much by ourselves, but with all working together, we can do great things.

My sister Sue Fuller was admitted to the Logan Memorial Hospital on Monday. She had to go by ambulance. She is in a lot of pain, so remember her in your prayers. Her husband James is still having breathing problems. Hope he can soon be better.

Dr. Larry Gotts was on Feedback Tuesday morning. It was a good program with a lot of questions call in for the good Doctor. I agree with Konnie Smith, who called in. I love him as a Doctor and Friend. He is so kind, compassionate and has patience with you. Always has time to talk with you when you go to see him. Him and Don are both very special guys.

Visiting with Christine White was Shelby and Juley Nelson and Zoie Thompson, Dorothy Henderson, Jerry White was there Saturday and got groceries for his mom. Jimmy White was there Monday night and brought her supper.

Sue Addison and Juanita Key fixed a meal for her. They also had a Fried Pie. She enjoyed the meal very much.

Humility towards God makes us gentle toward each other.

Have a good week.