January 17, 2013

Hello from Adairville!

Seems like the first of my ten predictions for 2013 has come true. I predicted that the real cold winter would set in around the 15 of the month. Guess what folks, I am writing this on the 16 of January and we have had sleet and some snow for the last couple of days and it is as cold as an Eskimo’s nose. I am not barefooted tonight. I have socks and shoes on this very cold evening.

Very sad news today. Mr. Joe Harlan has passed away. He has actually been a living legend in our midst. A true World War II hero. There are not many of those left. I saw “Mr. Joe” only a week ago when he stopped in at the Adairville Hardware. He and his lovely wife, Sarah, have been fixtures in our community for many years. He was a wonderful family man with outstanding children and a grand family left in his passing. We will all miss this very special person and a man I called my friend.

On a positive side we have two very special young people that I need to mention. One is 15 year old Mr. Caleb Jordan Head who was voted Home Coming King at Adairville Middle School. The other is Miss

Hannah Lawrence who was voted Home Coming Queen at the school. I am sure that Caleb and Hannah’s families are very proud. Congratulations to their classmates who had the wisdom and kindness to honor these two young people.

By the way my family carried on our New Years family tradition of black eyed peas seasoned with hog jowl. We added a little chopped up onion and a few hot peppers. Added to that was some good old fashion buttermilk corn bread and homemade butter. I had to for go the pie. I wanted some but I stood strong and no pie. Well, I guess I have to tell the truth. I did have a little boiled custard. (It takes a native to understand and appreciate what I just described.)

Please support our local businesses or what we have left of them. There are only a few and we will not have them for long if you do not shop locally. This means you. Not somebody else but you! If you have a dog or cat buy their food here in Adairville. Get your hair done here. Buy some presents or gifts here. Get some gas or tires here. Go to the hardware store and buy something. Eat at our local restaurant or the BP at least once a week if not more. If you buy lottery tickets buy them here. Have a chair or couch covered or upholstered here. Call Barnes Insurance and see if they can give you a better insurance quote. Stop at the Dollar General and see what they might have before you drive to Russellville or Springfield. No support - no businesses. If you live in Adairville you have a real stake in our towns future.

We need more people living here. A larger population means more buying power and shoppers in our stores. If every builder in the community would build just two houses in Adairville in 2013 we would be off to a great start. With a building plan in five years we would have a good many new homes. We need more apartments for the elderly as well. A second Staggers Manner is long over due. Planning and a will to see it through is what we need. Land lords if your buildings are empty lower the rent so some one will rent and have a chance to make it. I would rather rent the building and make some money than to not rent and make no money.

I do believe that we have good leadership and a city council that is willing to move forward. The community is waiting and watching. Please move forward. Complacency is what has gotten us where we are.

WITH A SMILE Evelyn Mayfield Dickerson, my mother, would have been 95 today. Unfortunately breast cancer got her when she was 75 years young. She was still teaching school then and telling a dozen jokes a day. She loved life, loved her family and was very community oriented. I know that my sister and I inherited our love of humor from our mom. Many a day I walked down the hall of her school and caught her telling a joke to her students, her fellow teachers or to the cafeteria workers. Sometimes I would catch the school principal and secretary repeating one of mom’s “words of wisdom.”

Today three of my cousins called to talk about their “aunt Evelyn.” We all recanted funny story’s or jokes mom would tell. The biggest laugh came when we recanted a tale about an event that happened to mom on her birthday.

Several years after my dad’s death a group of us took mom out to dinner for her birthday. She had been a well known beauty queen in her youth and remained a lovely elegant lady with striking good looks even into her 70s. She always looked many years younger than she actually was and she was aware of it. With age mom had put on some extra pounds but you hardly notice with her smart hair do and beautiful cloths.

That particular birthday there was a man sitting at the dinner table next to ours. Every once in a while he would glance at mom and smile. Mom would glance back but not smile. She whispered to those of us at the table that she thought that the man was flirting with her. She was flattered and a bit giddy like a young girl. She whispered he is too old to be flirting that way.

As we finished the lovely dinner and happy occasion we began to prepare to leave the restaurant. (I am laughing as I write this.) The man leaned forward, smiled and inquired. How soon is the baby due? Our entire family, sister, cousins and I all broke out in laughter. My mom did not! The man was so embarrassed when I told him our mom’s age. He apologized profusely.

The next day mom was back at school telling the tale all over school and laughing as hard as the others were. (It is good when we can laugh at our self.)

Time to go. Good night sweet ladies and highly intelligent men of Adairville, sweet Bertie Angel and Mrs. Calabash where ever you are. Till next time.