December 20, 2012

Hello this bright and sunny Friday in Adairville and South Logan County, Kentucky. I am in front of the old computer, barefooted, have a diet drink and am ready to go.

I do have a contract on my farm, Peach Blossom, just south of the state line and if all goes well will close on the sale of that property on January 28. (It all depends on the sale of the buyer’s property down in Florida.) I sure hope it happens. I am up here in Adairville, in my house on the town square, just waiting on the sale of the farm so that I can start building my small hotel and restaurant here in town. Needless to say, I am ready!

I hope that many of you will drive around Adairville and look at all the decorated homes. The town square and park are beautiful with all the lights.

LOCAL NEWS - Special congratulations go out to Wallace Whitaker, our county sheriff, his staff and the state’s special drug task force. Wallace called me some weeks back after several of my columns about the drug problem in Adairville. He told me he was taking a number of cases to the grand jury and there would be arrests made. Well he has delivered and I am so proud of the sheriff and what he and his staff have done. I understand that to date six arrests have been made and the individuals are being prosecuted. I also understand that there may be more arrest made in the next couple of weeks. Thank you Wallace!

Seems to me that someone told me twice that Adairville did not have a drug problem and another said nothing could be done. Oh ye of so little faith! Some thing can be done and is being done. If we are tough on drugs we can build a reputation that Adairville is off limits. It is not safe to sell drugs in our town. It is a good thing.

Sorry that last Friday’s column got lost some how and did not get out till this past Tuesday. Ms. Nancy at the gift shop called to tell me that the sale for the Red River Meeting House was a success and that a lot more than 10% went to the meeting house. I had printed what I had been sent and it said 10%. Glad it was a lot more. You still have time to stop by Ms. Nancy’s Country Angel Gifts across from the BP on South Main. (It is decorated beautifully for the holidays and they have great gifts that you will not find anywhere else in the county.)

Joe Angel has made a great recovery and is out of the hospital and is at home. Give him a call and wish him well. There were not many that thought old Joe would ever come home but he has.

Keep Nannette Starks King in your prayers. That old liver cancer is still there and she is fighting it and keeping good spirits. It has to be hard but Nannette is a real fighter and many people are pulling for her.

Virginia Ritter stopped by a couple of days ago and brought me a very nice fruit basket. I think that is the first time since I taught school and was teacher of the year in the local Metro Nashville School System. It was a very kind thought. She told me that her husband Frank was not doing well. Frank was an old class mate of mine at Peabody College. He went on to an award winning career in journalism and at the Nashville Tennessean News Paper.

Mrs. Davis, the Queen of the Adairville Hardware Store, (some times called the prettiest woman on the west side of the square) is walking like a young college girl since her double knee surgery. It was a great success and I am so glad to see her moving like she does. Col. Charlie Starks even gave a whistle as she crossed the street the other day. Upon hearing this it is reported that Mr. Davis’ remark was, “old Charles Starks must have lost his eye sight.” Now now I think Charlie’s vision is still holding out!

Thanks again to the Red River Fish & Game Habitat (Club) for making up 120 plus Christmas Baskets and delivering them to citizens in the community.

Well, I got hungry and am currently having a snack of baloney, crackers and Louisiana Hot Sauce. It is hard to beat. This is one of the advantages of writing at home. When I write at the paper I cannot stop and go to the kitchen.

Today, Friday, December 21 is the first day of winter. Am hoping that it stays mild until after the holidays. I think that around Jan 15 that the temperature will take a dive.

PAT ON THE BACK - goes to Chris Cooper of the ND&L for her great coverage of the county humane society. Without her great news coverage and continuing support I do not believe that the humane society

would have the community support that it has. Three cheers for Chris Cooper!!!

OTHER THINGS - Next week I will review my ten predictions for 2012 and see how I did. In 2010 I had 80% right and in 2011 90% of the predictions were right. I will have the list out this weekend and see how I did.

The following week I will make my 2013 predictions. (If I am on WRUS Radio I will announce some of the results for both years.)

WITH A SMILE - Years ago when I was awarded a Fulbright Scholarship to the American University in Cairo, Egypt I had many great experiences. I had a great time. Back then I was young, skinny, blond and never met a stranger. When I got a hair cut the local barber kept my blond hair and sold it to people for good luck. I met a famous Egyptian movie star, Zuzu Madi, who was old enough to be my mother and who took a liking to me. I ended up being her escort to dozens of big events in the Arab World. Our pictures appeared in numerous newspapers and fan magazines. It helped Zuzu appear much younger and helped prolong her career for another generation. I got to meet dozens of prominent people in that part of the world and gain an appreciation of an entirely different culture. I loved wearing the native robes (cooler than pants in 100 degree weather) and my Arab head coverings. I felt like I was Lawrence of Arabia. I loved riding a camel in the evenings with the military camel patrol. (It was pretty lax then and I knew the general.) I fell off a couple of times but got right back on and kept up with the guys unless there was a race and that I did not do.

Once I was in the Sinai Desert and watching several Bedouin boys riding their camels in a single line. They were herding a flock of goats with goat bells ringing. I thought I am so far away from home. This is like the end of the world way out here in the desert. Just then one of the boys took something from his robe and it was a portable radio. Suddenly I was hearing Hank Snow, from the Grand Ole Opry in Nashville, Tennessee, singing “I’ve Been Every Where.” That made me feel so good! It brought America, the south and home flowing back to me. The thought was only broken when I heard all the young Bedouin kids trying to sing along in there language. They did not understand English but they did enjoy the songs and the Opry. It sure brought a big smile to my face.

Till next time. Good night to each of you during this special holiday season. Remember what this special time celebrates. Good night “Sweet Bertie Angel” and Mrs. Calabash where ever you are.