December 12, 2012

Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year, as both will soon be here.

Hope all had a good week and sure hope you haven’t been coughing your head off like I have. I definitely do not like bronchitis.

Our sympathy goes out to Sherry Harris in Louisville. She recently lost her dad Glendon Harris on December 2nd and not very many years ago lost her mom Charlene Johnson Harris, whom happened to be Louise and my first cousin. In fact, when we were growing up, if you saw one of us, you saw the other two. We have always been close cousins.

Best wishes to Maegan Harrell and Cameron Dorris as they became a family on December 1st.

Wilmer and Delores Delk celebrated their 64th wedding anniversary on December 4th. Their 50th the celebrated at the Extension complex and their attendants celebrated with them at that time and they were Paul and Willa Mae Wilson, oh yeah, in those days you rode around in a buggy drawn by a horse. Glad they had such a good time.

Lana Wells had a procedure done this week, hope she got a good report.

Carolyn Hart of Warren County visited Wednesday with her mom, Virginia Hart and brought eats. Wasn’t that great?

Our sympathy to Ms. Elvera McCoy and Wade in the death of her husband Mr. Mayburn McCoy. They now lived in Louisville, had lived in this area until a few years ago and was brought back and laid to rest in Sandy Creek Cemetery.

Friday being the day chosen for our Christmas party, we met at Webb’s restaurant, had a delicious lunch and played our “Dirty Santa” game and had a good time. Those attending were Chris Cooper and her hubby Bo, OJ Stapleton, Louise Henderson from Antioch, Margaret Walton now living in Owensboro, when in the county she wrote for Bucksville and of course me Hazel Fleming of Spa. Judy Jernigan came in late in time to eat dessert with some of us. We of course had a good time.

And this old bronchitis is again driving me batty. Cough, cough, can’t seem to quit.

As 2013 is almost here, will give some January b-days: the 6th Debbie Buntin, the 13th Greg Whitson, 16th former pastor bro. Reed Buntin, the 18th Nancy Renfro, the 21st Sherry Harris, the 22nd Garrison Rosser, the 23rd great Maddie Groen, and the 27th John Stuart. There are 2 anniversaries: the 30th Guy Lewis and Janie Kees and the 31st Pat and Truman Johnson. Hope they have special days too.

Our former pastor Kenny Cummins is still having medical problems, wish they could get better for him.

Those that have been in here this week are Judy and Lannie Jernigan, David Jernigan, Sue Fuller, and on Wednesday were Dr. Lynwood Montell and Mitchell Bray both of Bowling Green. So we rode around through Bumpaw, there are several gravel roads in that area and I don’t think we missed any of them. Of course after awhile we had to go find something to eat. We had a good day.

Hey, bout Santa time, so better hurry up and get ready. See ya next time!