December 6, 2012

Good morning from historic Adairville. A small town with great people, wonderful churches, a top school rated one of the best in the state, pretty houses and a good place to raise a family and live.

Tis the Christmas season and one to give thanks and to remember why we celebrate the very special time. This is the fifth year for Adairville to totally light the square. The city square park is decorated and looks wonderful.

The Adairville/South Logan Chamber is responsible for the decorating and the local business owners are to be thanked for their cooperation. A special note is that the chamber is also sponsoring the annual business and home decorating contest. The judging will be this coming Monday evening. So be sure and have your lights on.

A LITTLE HISTORY The Amish came to America about 160 years ago. Originally they settled in and around Lancaster, Pennsylvania. They were a branch of the Mennonites but thought that the Mennonites were becoming too modern. One of their leaders was a man named Amon; thus came their name. They were a farm oriented group that believed in keeping their traditions of faith, farming and having fairly large families.

Eventually their numbers out grew the original area of the country they had settled in:so they began the movement to other parts of the country where they could find good farm land at a reasonable price, laws that allowed them to practice their ways, run their own schools and be left alone by the local and state government.

For nearly 50 years Amish have been locating in Kentucky and Tennessee. They now have many settlements in our state including groups in the Auburn, Lewisburg and other areas of Logan County. As families grow the will be buying more land in our county and will be a real asset to our communities. I like Amish people and find them some of the hardest workers, true to their faith, good and kind folks and good neighbors. Welcome them when they start up a farm or business near you.

LOCAL NEWS Operation Good Tidings will be at the Walmart in Russellville this Saturday December 8 from 10 until 2 PM. This is a ministry where free hot cocoa and cookies is given to the shoppers. This is an effort to bring the love of the Christian faith to the shoppers. The sponsors, Calvary General Baptist Church, accept no donations for the cocoa and cookies but will encourage people to give to other worthy causes.

Betty Rouse and Ferrantie Baker died a few days ago. They were both fine people and will be missed by family and friends.

The Red River Fish & Game Habitat has given out over 100 Christmas baskets, this week, in the Adairville area. This non profit organization continues to do good in the community. If you know of someone in the Adairville area who could use a basket please contact Nannette King, Richard Hughes or me.

The Nicodemus family are opening a “little bit of everything” shop on the square in Adairville. They will be located next to the 431 Cafe. Stop in and see all the nice things they are selling.

Ms. Nancy’s Country Angel Gift Shop, across from the BP Station in Adairville, had a great open house last weekend, Without a doubt this is one of the nicest gift shops in the county. It is well worth the drive from anywhere in the county to see the five rooms of unusual and reasonable priced gifts. To the people in Adairville I say support a local shop. If you can drive all the way to Walmart to buy a gift you could certainly stop buy one of our own stores and shop.

PAT ON THE BACK There is a good fellow named JT Davenport who lives in the Adairville area. Sometime back he found my credit card and returned it. What a relief. It is so nice to see honest young people that have such honesty and caring. I am sure his parents did a good job teaching this young man about honesty and doing what is right. I know JT does electrical work. If you need some help you can reach him at 539-3116.

WITH A SMILE A couple of years ago I was driving an Amish family to a town in Missouri to see some a practitioner medical attention through vitamins and baths. Along the way the Amish family shared some of the things they had heard that “English” (anyone not Amish) practiced. They thought all “English” carried guns, drank lots of liquor, swore often and were not very religious. They would tell me that their mothers or grandmothers told them the “English” practiced one thing or another. None of it was necessarily true. They were a bit surprised when they found out that I did not carry a fire arm, drank hard liquor, take the lords name in vane and actually went to church often. They were even more surprised when I told them most every one else in the non Amish community were pretty good people.

On the trip we sang many church songs and they were again surprised that I knew most all of their songs. They are the same songs we sing at church. The Amish just sing at a much slower pace..

One thing for sure is that the Amish love good humor.

One evening I decide to play a joke on one of the group. I went in his room. His wife was sewing/knitting and sitting at his side. He was laying on a hotel bed, resting. He was bare footed. I took a look and stated. “You don’t have six toes. My grandmother told me all Amish men had six toes.” My friend and his wife believed me. She immediately proclaimed. “our men don’t have six toes.” She went next door and got her mother who returned to the room and proclaimed that Amish men did not have six toes. I kept the game up for quite a while before I finally admitted I was kidding.

Till this day when I visit the Amish community in Christian County Amish people laugh with me about that joke. The men, when they recognize me, will point to their feet and say they have only five toes. It always brings a smile to their faces and to mine.

You know good humor bridges a lot of misunderstandings.

Well till next time. Good night Marlene Page, Eli Mast and family, the Overholt family, Debbie Sale, David Smith and wife, JT Davenport, Don Neagle and wife, all the crew at the hardware store, “Sweet Bertie Angel”, you and Mrs. Calabash where ever you are.