November 29, 2012

Greetings from The Antioch Community.

Hope you had a Happy Thanksgiving with your family. Sure had a beautiful day.

Jimmy Christian is home from the Hospital. He is feeling some better. Keep him in your Prayers.

My sister Sue and husband James went to their son’s Thursday. There was 19 there. All the family was present but Trishia and her husband and their son, who lives in Minnesota. But she called. She said they had a good day.

Myrtle Pogue ate Thanksgiving with Don and Rosie Yarnell on Thursday.

Visiting with Myrtle was Alvin and Gary Coursey, Farmer Brown, Jimmy and Judith White.

I ate Thanksgiving Dinner on Saturday with my son, his wife and family. Betty had a very good meal. We really enjoyed it.

A good Samaritan brought me a big plate full of food and another plate with two pieces of pie on it Thursday. I really enjoyed it too.

JGeania Hoskins sang a special for us Sunday morning at church. Bro. Adam Lake preached for us.

Bro. Adam, Amie and A.J. spent the Thanksgiving weekend with her parents, Bro. and Mrs. Carmel. Also, Mrs. Carmel’s sister and husband were there on Thanksgiving Day. Amie was aiming to sing at church, but she was sick and not able to come.

Visiting with Christine White on Thanksgiving Day were Jerry, Jimmy, Judy, Milissa, Bruce, Meleea, Madeline, Jeffrey, Joey, Sherry, Kenzie, Jeanette, Nick, Zoey, Bentley, Juley, Shelby, Ethan, Thomas and Sarah.

Chris, Nicholas and McKenzie was there Friday.

Jimmy and Sheila Christian have had lots of Company coming to see Jimmy.

Nick, Stephanie, Whitney and Blanton spent Thanksgiving in Henderson visiting family.

Kindness picks up others when trouble weighs them down.

Have a good week.