November 29, 2012

Hope you had an enjoyable Thanksgiving day, it was beautiful. To me, a wee bit chilly.

The 14th through the 17th, Wayne and Lynn Joines and her mom, Margie Latham enjoyed those days in Branson, Missouri attending different shows. I think they must have enjoyed “The Presleys” most of all. They got to meet and shake hands and probably got some good hugs. Margie really love Jay Wickhauser and his lovely wife and other shows they saw were “Dixie Stampede” and the “Christmas Snow,” and on the Presley’s show saw and heard the Oak Ridge Boys. I’m glad they got to go and have such a good time.

Visiting with Virginia Hart recently were Joetta and Mrs. Mildred Dorris of Dunmor.

A mighty giant has fallen this week on Wednesday and that was Bro. Joe Carrico. Certainly there is no one that can fill his shoes, so to speak. He was a good preacher and he definitely heeded the calling going around doing good. When Bob worked at Rockwell, he helped Bro. Joe a lot and Toys for Tots needs someone to step in and keep this going. Who will try? It’s a big job.

Our sympathy to Guy Lewis and Paul David Kees in the death of their mom, Mrs. Pauline Kees. She has had a lot of health problems for some time.

I hear Ray Mullen is home again after several days in the Medical Center. Hope he can get to feeling much better.

Vicki Gregory and her dad Jewell Wayne Johnson attended services last Sunday at Beech Creek church in which J.W.’s grandson Zeb was baptized.

Pet Peeve, one of which I have many, I’m not out at night very often, but was Thursday night as Stanley and I went to Lewisburg and met Elaine and Tara and met at Elaine’s sis, Kim and Darren Seigers and girls Olivia and Chelsea and Darren’s parents, Mr. and Mrs. Seigers. I think they live in Paducah. We had a good supper and Kim sent enough home with me for a couple more meals. I did enjoy it, but the peeve is, do they not put dimmer switches on cars anymore? Nary a one showed enough respect to dim their lights. If you can’t cause a wreck one way, try this one.

Enjoying the Thanksgiving meal with Martine Brown on Thursday were Pat and Rozena Stanley, Jay, Jeff, Lynn, Matt, and Kayla.

Bill and Lois Ann Cornelius, plus about 30 some odd enjoyed lunch Thursday with son Jeff and Candace Cornelius. The others were from Candace’s side of the family. They had a good time and lots of eats.

Thursday night at the home of Rex and Dianne Porter were probably in the 30’s, so I’m not going to get all the names, but here goes some of them, Glenn and Helen Porter, Curtis and Brenda Coursey, Christa and Jon Yates, Curley Coursey and daughter, Casey, Tammy Sue Spivey Cole, W.G. Brooks and Chrissy, and there were more. We don’t known their names, so oopps! Anyway, there were lots of people and lots to eat.

Virginia Hart and Terry and Barbara Hart enjoyed the night’s meal with Maranda Hart.

Visiting Thanksgiving day with Jeff and Corrie Fuller and kids Sabrina, Olivia, Sean and Luke were Sue and James Fuller, Tony and Marsha Fuller, Dustin and Maranda Connely and girls Addison and Bayleigh, Kevin and Heather Fuller and Bryan and Jessica Fuller. All had a good time.

Those in here this week have been Lannie and David Jernigan. For several years, the Presbyterian church delivered a Thanksgiving meal for me and the delivery guy was OJ Stapleton and his precious daughter Emily. As usual, I appreciated the food and getting to see OJ and meeting pretty Miss Emily.

Saturday, Glenn and Helen Porter again enjoyed a Thanksgiving meal with her brother, Wilford and Jeri Scarebrough in Auburn. Others that were there visiting also were some of Jeri’s family. Helen said she had the house decorate very pretty too.

Stanley and Elaine put up my tree this afternoon. Thanks and it look pretty.

Again, remember our party December 7th at Webb’s restaurant with our “Dirty Santa” gift of $5 and be ready for good eats too. Don’t dare forget, okay?

Remember, there are not very many days left in 2012, Christmas is just around the corner. Are you ready?

See ya next time.