November 20, 2012

Hello from historic Adairville home of some of the finest people in Kentucky. A truly beautiful town with good churches and one of the best schools in the commonwealth.

Having talked to many citizens in Adairville and the county I do believe that our town has some great homes that should be on the list of Historic Homes In America. Auburn, Kentucky has gained the status for a number of it’s homes. I believe Adairville can gain the same for several of our homes. It is a great honor for a home owner and a town to gain such status for their homes. It also usually adds to the homes value. If you have a home that you would be interested in working on gaining such status, please contact me at 539-2007.

The Nannette Starks King special fund has grown to over $19,000. Nannette is a liver cancer victim. She has done much for our community and now the community is working to help Nannette. If you would like to help us go over $20,000 please send a donation to the N.S. King Fund, In care of the Adairville City Hall, 101 North Main Street, Adairville, Kentucky 42202.

Thanksgiving weekend is here. It is believed that the early Pilgrims and native Americans (Indians) started the practice of having a thanksgiving celebration some 200 plus years ago. Least we forget what the celebration is all about I hope everyone who reads this column will remind their families and especially the young ones why and what we are celebrating. Thank you to our places of worship for keeping the tradition alive.

The Adairville town square has been decorated for the upcoming holidays. It looks beautiful! The Adairville/South Logan Chamber is responsible. A number of volunteers gathered on the square last Saturday and several days this week to decorate. Several of the individual merchants are still decorating their store fronts. Open houses at many of the businesses will be held over the next two weeks. Be on the lookout. There is a planned tour of Adairville homes coming up. I will announce the dates next week. There will also be a chamber sponsored contest for best decorated homes and businesses. So get started! Details next week.

The Adairville South Logan Chamber of Commerce Christmas Dinner is Thursday, December 6 at 6 p.m. at the Adairville Baptist Church. Tickets are $20 per person. Mrs. Nola Willeford is the guest speaker. She will be a real treat for everyone attending. Her knowledge of Adairville history is astounding. You can contact any chamber officer, Sarah at the city hall or me for tickets.

The Red River Fish & Game Habitat plans to provide food baskets again this season. If you know of someone in need please call me at 539-2007. The baskets will be for folks in the greater Adairville area.

Looks like the Hwy 431 Grill located on the square in Adairville is going to make it. The food is pretty good, portions are decent and the price is fair. I like their fried fish, burgers and salads. Several other good items on the menu. One of their waitresses is out due to giving birth to a little premature baby. The cafe has been collecting donations for her. Tina McDonnell is the proprietor and she is working very hard to make the cafe a success. Stop in and bring some folks with you.

Saturday when there was a group on the square decorating, city councilman Tony Nichols stopped in and visited our growing city museum. (I really like Tony. He tells you like he sees it.) He mentioned the late Clyde Lee as a person who did much to help the kids growing up in Adairville and how he helped build the Little League program in the town. I do plan to put together an article about the gentleman and how he helped so many youth and how his legacy goes on today. If you have some information or little stories about the man I would greatly appreciate your passing them along to me.

PAT ON THE BACK goes to Jerry Taylor who works at the South Logan Water Association and serves as operations manager. Some weeks ago I had a new transmission put in my faithful pickup truck. The truck worked well for a few days and then broke down about half way to Russellville late one evening. Wouldn’t you know it, it was one of the few times I did not have my cell phone. Out of the many cars and trucks that passed by only two stopped to offer help. One of those good Samaritans was Jerry Taylor. He stopped, turned around and came back, put on his flashing lights to worn people and furnished me with a cell phone to make several calls to AAA. He stayed with us until the wrecker arrived and we were safely out of the road and on the way to a repair shop in Russellville. My gratitude goes out to Jerry Taylor who is truly a good Samaritan and deserves a big Pat On the Back!

Congratulations to Danny Finch the new President of the Adairville South Logan Chamber!

WITH A SMILE There is a great piece circulating on the Internet that goes something like this:

There was a time when kids growing up played a lot and did not have TV, computers and cell phones. They interacted with kids they met. They walked a lot instead of being driven every where. They survived broken bones and fighting and when they got in trouble at school the parents backed the teachers and the kid was in trouble with their parents as well. When these kids grew up many became leaders, were able to cope with life, were healthy, excelled in decision making and turned out to be good citizens.

It makes you think. It could be that in giving our kids so much that we are retarding their development! Kids need to learn to develop socially, make decisions on their own and understand the value of good discipline. It makes me smile thinking of my growing up and the good common sense my parents had.

Till next time. Good night to the members of Selectman Chapel, Forest Grove Baptist, Marriah Grove Baptist, New Hope Baptist, Loretta Ross, Geronimo Romero, Thad Rogers, Sandra Sandlin, B.H. Rouse, Marjorie Hesson, Kevin Holley, Sweet Bertie Angel and Mrs. Calabash where ever you are.

Till next week.