November 15, 2012

Hello from Adairville; one of the nicest little towns in Kentucky. Where we have lovely ladies and highly intelligent men. It is partly in our special water and partly the genetics that our early settlers brought. The mix turned out very good!

Last Saturday night our community came together in support of Nannette Starks King. Nannette, one of the hardest workers you would ever find and a tremendous asset for Adairville is suffering from advanced liver cancer. Donna Blake put the event together with the help of many. Wayne Stratton and his wife furnished the food. The Fish & Game Habitat members furnished the buildings, workers and many of the auction items, Clay Balou and his musical group provided the entertainment and the community gave more auction items and bought generously.

It was a special night with people coming together to support one of our own. There was a goal of $10,000 and the goal was met and then some. Actually $17,300 plus was raised. I was so proud of the community. Home made loafs of bread went for $20 each and a lot of them were sold. Pork butts went for $55 to $105 a piece. A stove went for $450 and on and on. The community was expressing their love and care for one who has given so much during her short life span.

Nannette’s family was there in full force to support her. Both of her parents, brother, cousins, sons and their families all were there in support. Nannette spoke to the crowd and gave a very sweet thank you.

Thank you Adairville for one very special night!

By now every one knows Donna Blake was elected mayor with a huge majority and some 76% of the vote.

Third time, to run, turned out to be a charm for her. I know she has high hopes of returning a grocery to Adairville and the citizens are with her on this. A very good group of people were elected to the council. I like every one of them and believe they will do a good job for the town. I am aware the town does not want deadlock. I think there is a very good chance that the town will begin coming back.

I spoke with our very popular county sheriff on election night and he told me the grand jury had indicted several local individuals for the drug trade and that several were under arrest and awaiting trial. Hooray and a pat on the back for the sheriff - Wallace Whittaker and his staff. (Some had said the town had no drug problem or that nothing could be done.) I think the sheriff has proven them wrong.


One of my favorite people is Richard Taylor. He comes from a wonderful family and I think he has a heart of gold. He bought the electric stove at the fund raiser for his cousin Nannette King last Saturday evening. Richard has been famous locally as “Barefoot Richard.” Back several months ago I saw Richard at the Adairville Hardware wearing shoes. It was a first for me, in over 15 years, to see shoes on his feet. Well, I can tell you Richard is back to normal, what ever that is, and barefoot again. I like so many others love Richard.

Charles and his lovely wife were in Jackson, Tennessee last week for his 60th high school reunion. They had so much fun they stayed over an extra day. When they returned and got back to the store it was like old times. The wife reading, Charles puttering around and occasionally a blow up and the madame getting after Charles. I knew they were both well and doing great when they blew up a few times. They remind me of the stars of an ole time radio show called the “Bickersons.”

Webb’s Restaurant in Lewisburg is a fun place to visit. I like their food and when they have music I really get into it. I think they are back to live music on Mondays, You can call ahead and see. They have some of the best singers that I have run across in a long time. People just get up out of the crowd and sing and wow do they sing!


The Bethel Dipper serves little thin straws with their milk shakes. Your mouth is sore when you finish.

That Judge Chick use to work for the largest grocery chain in the state. Houchens/IGA.

In Albania nodding your head means “no” and shaking your head means “yes.”


The pat on the back for the week goes to Sheriff Wallace Whitaker and his team for the work they have done in seeking out drug people in Adairville. His staff has been gathering evidence and gone to the grand jury for indictments. Arrests have been made. More will hopefully follow. Next will be the trials and some jail time.

Hooray for the sheriff and his team.


A few weeks ago I was sitting at my computer typing away on my article for the paper. I was barefooted, singing, typing and really into what I was doing. All of a sudden I became aware that something live was under my desk and had touch my foot several times. Well I came out of that desk, turned over my chair, knocked over my soft drink and took off running down the hallway. I think I yelled a couple of times along the way. It scared the willies out of me! I gathered up a broom and slowly returned to my office with broom in front of me. What I discovered was a tiny kitten from wince it came I do not know. (I have no animals in the house.) At any rate I have found a good home for the kitten and can only say it had good taste in feet.

Till next time. Good night to the Brewers, Rev. Sears, T.G. Pitts, W.D. Kimbro, Billy & Cindy Taylor, Jimmy Tyler & wife, Harold Johnson, Mr.& Mrs. Keith Cox, Jasmine Tharpe, Sandy Scarbrough, “Sweet Bertie Angel” and Mrs. Calabash where ever you are.