November 1, 2012

Howdy, and how was your week? A few pretty days and then wham, colder again and I’m positive we are gonna have more weather that is really, really cold.

Last Saturday the 20th, the Johnson family reunion was very much enjoyed at the activities building behind Elk Lick Church. There were 37 of us. I’m just gonna mention those from out of the county, Kevin and Heather Fuller of the great state of Hendersonville, Tennessee I believe, Richard and Sue Johnson and Julie, Glendon Harris and Sherry all of Louisville. I know we had 3 coconut cakes, plus other desserts, plus pies and other goodies, plus all the veggies and oh, the tables were full and it was a most enjoyable day.

I have had more surprises this week in my birthday bash. Sunday, Stanley and Elaine had party open house, 64 people showed up, hope they enjoyed it as much as I did. We had cake and punch and nuts. Judy Jernigan made the beautiful and good cake. I got 55 cards and lots of gifts. I was 85. So many thanks for making a most memorable and enjoable day. I sure appreciate all thoughts, gifts and most of all, your presence. We had 3 preachers. Someone asked, “did you at least behave while they were there?” Of course not!

October 17the was the birthday of Vickie Martin. Happy late wishes gal. She got to celebrate as her mom Margie Latham and sister Sheila Heltsley and Lynn Joines took her to Owensboro and ate at Grandy’s. I’m sure they all had a good time.

I had another surprise one afternoon this week when Margie Latham and Betty Moore of Dunmor visited awhile and brought me this beautiful quilt. I understand the ladies at the church have been doing this sometime and do a beautiful job. They tack the quilts and I sure did appreciate their thoughtfulness. Again, thanks.

Sorry Lillian Johnson, as a result of a fall and a cracked pelvis, has been in the Medical Center and also Sky rehab, is now home and hopefully improving. Those broken bones sure do hurt.

Some known November birthdays are the 3rd, Don Neagle, the 4th, Will Johnson, the 6th, Kaitlyn Jernigan, the 8th, Joyce Hardison and Neice Harris, the 9th, my favorite doctor, Kamal Singh and Regina Duncan, the 10th, Marshall Johnson and Alicia Johnson, the 13th, Adairville’s lady, Mrs. Dolly, Kim Seigers and Ben Mohon, the 14th, Courtney Jackson, the 17th, Myron Gower, the 18th, Tammy Cummins, the 20th, Glenn Porter, the 24th, Steve Gregory and Cher Rosser, and the 28th, Shirley G. Price. Some known anniversaries are the 1st, Stanley and Elaine, the 4th, Jeff and Sheila Barrow, and the 22and, Tom and Audrey Webb.

Sherry Harris of Louisville called and they were here for the family reunion on the 20th. Her dad, Glendon Harris has had a severe heart attack, is home now, but not a good report.

Lillian Johnson recently had a fall, in which resulted in a fractured pelvic bone, has been in the Medical Center and then in Sky and is now home. Hope she soon feels much better.

As October is Pastor’s Appreciation month, Bro. Art Hatfield was pleasantly surprised with a “plaque” after services and then “surprise” a good meal following in the activities building. A good sized crowd attended and of course lots of food.

Those that have been in and out here this week have been of course Stanley, Elaine, Tara and Chris, Lannie and Judy Jernigan, Cassidy Jernigan, Danny Coursey and cousin Ornery Lasley, he is a very good cousin, but don’t tell him I told it, okay? he might get the big-head. he is a good guy.

Have a good week and thank God for his blessings.