October 18, 2012

Good Saturday morning, and it is really foggy here. I’ve heard we have had frost, so I guess if you had anything green out, it is gone by now.

Last Sunday enjoying lunch with Jerry and Claudia Hart were Virginia Hart, J.D. and Morgan Adkisson, Lane, Olivia and Naomi.

My Sunday school class, the Truthseekers, at least part of us, ate out, which we try to do at least once each month. Those meeting were Ada Dorris, she came and got me, Virginia Hart and Hester Martin. Meeting us there were Wanda Coursey and Patty Campbell. Needless to say, we have a good time.

Sorry Glenn Baugh has recently had surgery in St. Thomas in Nashville. Hope he is soon feeling much better.

Do you have any idea how to stop these political calls? They are so aggravating!

Elaine called one day this week for some info, as she was planning a surprise birthday party for me, and believe you me, I was surprised. It is October 21st at their house from 2-4 p.m. I’d be happy to see you. I will be 85, so surprise me and come.

Marvine Borders visted awhile one afternoon with Virginia Hart.

I had company on Wednesday, Dr. Lynwood Montell of Bowling Green. We had a most beautiful day to ride around in. We were in 3 counties, Logan, Muhlenberg and Butler Counties, and as I said, it was such a beautiful day. Of course we had to stop and eat.

Hope Mary Allen is feeling better after few days in the local hospital.

Sheila and Jeff Barrow has again been on a mission trip with others in Chattanooga. They have done this a lot this past year and I’m glad they are able to do this, it’s a good work.

Remember the 20th, our annual Johnson get-to-gather, which will be in the activities building behind the church. It will be pot-luck, lots of eats and a good time of visiting. We eat about 5 p.m. or 6 p.m., so come on and have a good time.

Heard at church that Beverly Harris is in the Medical Center in Bowling Green. Hope she can soon be home.

And Patty Campbell spent one night this past week in Logan Memorial and is to have further tests this week, so get a good report, okay!

Until next time, see ya!