October 4, 2012

Hello from our area to where you live and have a good week.

Mitchell and Heather and Jenny are home from the mountains. One thing I think is so cute, jenny recognized all the McDonald’s between here and there. My, my, how quickly they learn.

As usual, have had several calls, I appreciate all, well most of them. Those political calls, heck, wish they would stop. Well, back to my calls, talked to the Shirleys in Owenboro, Shirley Jean and Shirley G. Price. They were busy as usual. They have a garden and do loots of canning and were doing very well.

Then another day, Myron Gower, a Spa born and raised guy, now living in Florida, called and we had a good visit. That morning here it was 38 and of course it was not nearly that chilly there. Was a beautiful day. They were all okay. It was good to hear from him too.

Our sympathy to Ray Kenneth and the family in the death of his wife Etta Mae Eddings. Her services were Saturday.

As Lewisburg and Dunmor are both without writers, I will be more than happy to include your items. If you will be so kind to let me know. So thanks in advance.

Sorry Shirley Coursey has had foot surgery as of Friday and when I talked to her, she seemed to be doing okay. Hope this takes care of her problem.

Lastly Sunday was family-get-together time at the home of Margie Latham, think they did a “remembering.” They had a very good time. Those enjoying the event were of course Margie, Kerry Fulkerson, Ricky Latham, Lynn Joines, Vickie and Dennis Martine, Jackie Hollis, Brent Porter, Mike Porter, Glenn and Helene Porter of near Coon Range territory, Fannie Porter of Dayton, Ohio, Jessica Porter of California and Jason and Andrea Martin of Louisville. Glad they had time to visit.

As this week is beginning October, will mention some known birthdays such as mine. Also, on the 4th is Juanita Silvey, the 9th Sheila Barrow and Connie Williams, the 10th George Whitson, the 12th Dianne Porter, the 15th Kathy Basham and Patricia Penrod, the 19th Evelyn Skipworth, the 21st Freddie Borders, the 23rd Helen Porter, now mine, the 24th and also Susan McClellan, the 25th Tom Webb and Edwin Scarbrough, the 27th niece Sandra Sharp, and the 29th Yash Singh. Hope all have enjoyable days. A couple of known anniversaries are the 13th granddaughter Kerri and Chris Groen and the 30th Baahnah and Jason Hendley.

Visiting with James and Sue Fuller this week have been son Jeff, his sisters Peggy Taylor and Linda Sears of Russellville. James does not have many more treatments to take, so glad of that.

Shirly Coursey, as I mentioned earlier, having surgery Friday, this morning Sunday, had to be taken back to the hospital (Logan Memorial). Hope by paper time she will be able to be back home.

Several had been in this week and as usual, I enjoy my visitors. Danny Coursey brought me some peppers, Judy Jernigan some good home grown tomatoes, Lannie Jernigan and Johnnie Richardson brought my supper, Neil Coursey, Bethany and Bailey Borders brought supper Friday night, Marvine Borders, Dean Harrell brought lunch Saturday and Wilma Ballard of Russellville. And the one that always helps me to get to church Steve Timberlake brought fresh green beans. So many thanks to all.

And today, Sunday, I also stayed for the later service as well as Sunday school. Made it okay. I have a foot that has a tendency to swell after hanging down awhile and some medication makes me have to go every once in awhile, so thankfully made it fine this morning.

Until next time, smile God loves you!