October 4, 2012

Well, here it is Monday and it is raining again! It makes me remember when I was pleading with you people to do a little rain dance for the crops and man, now I wish Mother Nature would turn the faucet off! And I mean NOW. Between showers yesterday, I cut the grass and thank goodness I did because here it is raining again. That is one thing I do not have to argue with the Hubby about. I love to mow grass and he does not, so all he has to do is keep gas handy for me when I need it. Of course yesterday we were out. Ask me if I was upset with that. He had my car blocked in and he was taking a nap so I just put on my thinking cap and called my neighbor who just happened not to come to the lake this weekend and asked if he had extra gas. So once again, I was saved by a great neighbor. But believe me in my life I had had some dooseys. I bet you know what that is? I better not go there since I have had some wonderful ones also. My rule is, if you are a good neighbor, then you will have good neighbors.

Well, once again, I got off the subject of raining too much.

I am sure the guys who are cutting hay and beans are not too thrilled either. It seems that Mother Nature just wasn’t on the ball this year. I certainly hope she gets her act together before winter arrives because I do not want as much snow as we have had rain. Here at the lake, it’s kinda hard to get around in snow if you don’t have a four wheel vehicle. But most people do have one since most of them have boats. You got to have something to pull a boat in and out of the water. So it comes in handy when the weather is bad.

Here I go again, getting off track. I really hate it when it’s dark and dreary. Also the Hubby is all out of sorts and I am sure all the other fishermen out there are also. They have waited all summer for the hot weather to pass and the water to cool down and now it rains! Yours truly is certainly not going to get out there in the rain. The Hubby tried it last week but I don’t think it was too much fun because he didn’t stay out there very long. I have not seen a boat today, so I guess even the “DIE HARD” fishermen are not going to do it either.

So I decided I would make some homemade soup. You know the kind that really tastes good when it is a little cool outside. I think I promised you all that I would share a recipe or two with you. This one is known as The Hubby’s Famous Veggie Soup”. Usually he makes it and will not and I mean will not let me help. So today, while he was out in his shop, I decided I would make it and surprise him.

Here it is! I took three average hamburger patties that I had in the freezer, sautéed them with two large onions and half a green pepper that was left from a salad. Put this all in a medium size pot, or a crock pot if you have one. A cabbage is always needed shredded also. I use about a fourth of a small head. Then I took two frozen ears of corn and micro waved them for one minute and cut it off the cob. Chopped up one carrot, after pealing it of course and added it all to the pot. I also cut up some okra and sauté it so your soup wouldn’t be slimy and in the pot it went; along with three cans of chicken broth, one can of petite chopped tomatoes and a handful of barley. Salt and pepper to taste. Then put it on low and let it cook! Well there you have it. I guarantee it will be great!

When the Hubby came in and noticed what I was doing, he was blown away! Are you making MY soup? Well, I tried to get him to taste it but of course he said he would wait until it all blended together before he did the honors of telling me I made soup as good as he could. Well, this passed most of the day since I could not get outside and work on other projects. I am looking forward to a great dinner of homemade soup and corn bread; you know the kind that “mama” used to make and a good hot cup of coffee. Next to fishing, I love to eat!

Well, since I have spent the day cooking and looking out the window, I have noticed the leaves are turning and falling like snow. People spend a mint going to Gatlinburg to see the “turning of the leaves” and all they have to do is drive down the road or ride down the lake and take in the view. That is, IF IT’S NOT RAINING!

Good-bye for a another week, enjoyed spending the hours it took to write this column with you and until next time, love your neighbor because you might need to borrow something sometime.

By the way, the Hubby said the soup was good, not as good as his but it would pass!