September 20, 2012

It’s that time again, welcome to Spa. A very small place- a church, a few houses in sight, where there used to be 2 grocery stores, a cream station, a couple other businesses and a story that the church Elk Lick was named about a near by spring that the elks drank at.

Well, our cousin Mera Dean Johnson Schmidt of Branson, Missouri, passed away Monday morning in that city. She is survived by husband Louie, two sisters locally, Louise Henderson and Sue Fuller. She was the daughter of my mom’s sister, aunt Maudie and my dad’s brother, uncle Eddie Johnson. She was born and raised in Spa. Our sympathy to the family.

Last Sunday, Terry and Barbara Hart and Maranda attended church in Bowling Green, in which daughter-in-law Tara, wife of son Jay, was baptised. Imagine this, 80 were baptised in that service. Isn’t that great?

Our sympathy to Dee Dee Brown and the family in the death this past week of her mom Nan Stratton. May God bless as only He can!

Last Sunday was Judy Jernigan’s special day, her birthday, surrounded by family Lannie Jernigan, Kim and Johnny Richardson and Gracie, David and Stacey Jernigan and girls Kaitlyn, Madison and Cassidy and sisters and families, making a total of 28 enjoying supper at beautiful Shady Cliff.

Last week in our church bulletin were lots of others needing prayers. Carrie Belcher was to have surgery this past Monday and her brother Roger is having problems also. So remember those two.

Visiting this past week with Barbara and Freddie Borders were friends of Nortonville, Kansas. They were Cliff and Betty Johnson. Wonder if they might be off some of my Johnsons? Also, Roger and Patty Mosley visited. They really enjoyed their visit.

Hopefully friend Juanita Silvey is feeling much better, as she has gotten moved to Maple Manor nursing facility in Greenville. She has had a rough time with that broken hip.

Noticed a special announcement in Friday’s paper to the effect that Virgil Sears was having an 82nd birthday on September 18th and that he was that boy from Spa and he was born and raised here. Keep having a good time.

Carolyn Gibson of Warren County visited her mom Virginia Hart on Tuesday and brought their lunch. Wasn’t that great?

Visiting here awhile Tuesday night were Stacey Jernigan and Cassidy. They brought my supper. Then on another afternoon, Judy Jernigan brought me some good home grown tomatoes. On Wednesday, WKU Lynwood Montell of Bowling Green came down and we did our usual ride around. Somje roads I remember were Boley Road, Hall Road and this wide place in the road called Tywhoppety, through Clifty and I don’t remember all else. We ended up at Webb’s and ate our lunch. It was a good day.

Saturday was the most enjoyable day, why do you ask? Well the Kisselbaugh’s family was having a family reunion at the GreenRidge Community Center, which I might add is a very good place to have such an event. Their mom, Eula was born a Fleming, so we got to go and I really enjoyed it, saw ones I had not seen in quite awhile. One Fleming family J.C. and Imogene Fleming were there from Owensboro and I was the other Fleming. I think 80 were counted, never saw as much food, I kept telling them I was hungry, course they knew better. It is already planned for 2013 and next year it will be pot-luck. This time burgers and hot dogs were in abundance as well as all other foods and desserts. Oh, by the way, I won a cake on the cake walk, lucky me. They had a cake “of remembrance” in honor of 4 already deceased, Warren, Bill, David and Alma. The remaining siblings there were Jim of the county, Morris near Russellville, Bowden of Hopkinsville and Joyce of Russellville.

Got a call Saturday night fro former county gal Nell Ashby, now of California. She is visiting in the area with family and a granddaughter, having had cancer in remission, which has again activated. She will be having treatments in other areas, not locally. We wish her good news on her treatments.

Another quick note, 3 were baptised in the a.m. service at Cross Roads, one being Chris Stratton. He is a special friend of the family. Good news!

Until next time, smile God loves you. He really does.