September 13, 2012

This is a wet Saturday mo0rnibng, more good rain, however, I guess it is hard on those trying to cut tobacco and I think most people’s gardens are already gone.

Our sympathy to the family of Clara Dunn, she was my aunt Bessie’s granddaughter. She was very young, only 57.

Best wishes to Danny and Shirley Coursey. Last Sunday they celebrated their 51st anniversary.

Last Sunday enjoying lunch after church at beautiful Shady Cliff were Margie Latham, Maritza Grant and Jane Silvey.

Sorry to hear nephew Jimmie Fleming is again in the hospital at Springfield with an infection, plus his dialysis treatments. Hopefully he can soon be better and back home.

Sorry good friend Juanita Silvey remains in Vanderbilt hospital in Nashville, hope she can soon feel much better.

Got a call one night this week from former countians Laura and Robert Jessup of Ohio. They, or at least Robert, is not feeling up to par. Just keep hanging in there, okay?

One day this week enjoying a meal together were Virginia Hart, Terry and Barbara Hart and Miranda.

Don’t forget next Saturday the 15th will be the family get-together of the Kisselbaugh family and other family members and friends at the Green Ridge Community Center. They will begin eating around noon. There will be lots going on, so don’t want to miss all the fun. Burgers, hot dogs and desserts, you know all that stuff that make good eats.

James Fuller had his treatments this week, hope he can see much improvement.

Sorry George Whitson spent one night last week in the Medical Center and is going back this week for some tests. Get a good report, we hope.

Our sympathy to the Drs. Kamal and Abby Singh and family and Dr. Kushal, their sis and all the family in the death of their dad, Mr. Singh. The family requests your prayers on their behalf. Their mom also survives as well, as other family members.

Those visiting Sue and James Fuller this week have been Tony Fuller, Bryan Fuller, his brother Ricky and his sisters Linda Sears and Peggy Taylor. Hope he can continue to feel better.

Glad Tony Dorris is back home on American soil and especially in Logan County. Tony was one of those boys in uh oh, forgot Iraq or Afghanistan. Anyway, he was helping to protect us and our country, so many thanks Tony, we love and appreciate you.

Visiting here on Thursday night was Stacey Jernigan, she brought my supper, wasn’t that nice? It was very much enjoyed.

Is there anything else going on, I really don’t know it, except Joe Coursey seems to be doing better, as well as his mom Wanda Coursey. She has had an terrible time lately, so here’s hoping she stays feeling much better.

Until next time, keep smiling and make someone’s day! hey will enjoy and so will you.