Excessive compensation can ruin a CEO’s judgment.

Narcissists don’t happen to be particularly nice people. They preen. They grab. And they never ever really feel our pain.Extremely self-centered people, some fascinating new business school research shows, also don’t make for particularly effective corporate CEOs.This new research — conducted by business school analysts at the University of Southern California and the University of Arizona — examines the impact of CEO narcissism on corporate tax p...

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Your huddled masses

The recent news coverage about immigrants, and the predictable political remarks, has inspired me to write this column. As a state senator I certainly don’t have any influence on the federal-level issue. I don’t have a vote on border security legislation.

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Curse or cure? Online debate explores charter schools

There are two kinds of ignorance: One is genuine unawareness; the other is willful.Rational Wiki defines “willful ignorance” as “the state and practice of ignoring any sensory input that appears to contradict one’s inner model of reality.”Anti-choice politicians possess “inner models of reality” that offer little help in the way of viable choices for poor parents whose children are trapped in failing public schools. These policym...

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How easy we have it

We have so many kitchen aids today to help us with daily tasks. Just reach in a drawer and the job becomes easier.As I pull off a length of plastic wrap to cover a bowl, I’m reminded of the days when it was not around. Mama matched her bowls with plates that fit them pretty well and let a plate be the cover when she set the bowl in the refrigerator.One summer my aunt came to visit and brought Mama a “set” of three sizes of oilcloth bowl covers with elas...

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Lake Malone

Grab your coffee because I have a funny story to tell you. I am sure most of you out there have one just as funny but here goes. You see I have been talking about “washing the car” for a few WEEKS now. Did you get that…..talking about it. So yesterday, the Hubby said why don’t you do something about it and just quit talking and DO IT! Well, today was the designated day. We did have to run to Russellville for a short trip. But after lunch I put on my bathing suit and ga...

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The “Hope for Adairville” Revival went on all last week and I understand the spirit of the Lord was felt in wonderful ways. I wasn’t able to attend any night because of previous commitment but know the only hope for our town and our country is God.

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My apologies for the condition of the Auburn column last week. My computer was in a “not to today” mood. After typing the column three times and it not going through, I called the Senior Center and begged the use of their computer. They agreed though I only had about twenty minutes before the center closed. It was sent without editing, so all errors were my bad.Needless to say, computer went to Urgent Care and Dr. Dean at Auburn Computers had her up and running much bet...

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Why incumbents keep getting reelected

It’s no news that Congress is unpopular. In fact, at times it seems like the only real novelty on Capitol Hill would be a jump in its approval rating. In June, a Gallup poll found members’ standing with the American people at a historic low for a midterm-election year. Which might have been notable except, as The Washington Post pointed out, that “Congress’s approval rating has reached historic lows at least 12…times since 2010.”

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The darker side of sunblock

This time of year, sunblock is part of the daily routine for many Americans. Wake up, slather it on, and go outside.For those concerned about the chemicals we put on our bodies, sunblock represents a double-edged sword. On one hand: what kind of chemicals am I putting on my skin and spreading into the environment? On the other hand: I don’t want skin cancer. Or, more immediately, a sunburn.For a parent with small children, sunblock is even more crucial. It’s ...

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Remember very soon the big ole yellow school buses will be out and they will be carrying precious cargo- our children- back and forth to school. So be very watchful, a kid might just dart across the road right in front of you.Wanda Coursey, as far as I know, is at hoe from a recent hospital stay in the Medical Center. Wish she could get to feeling much better.I had the best time one day in the past week when Delores Renfro from Russellville came down and we had lunch. We...

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Logan County

Hello Logan County! What a great place to be from. When I was about ten years old I use to ride around the county with my dad while he called on his many customers. He was a wholesale food broker and he called on literally every grocery in the county. No store was too small or too large. He called on them all. Back then there were groceries in every town, village or cross roads in the county. I think there were up to five grocery stores in little Adairville. Auburn had even more. Russellville...

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Advancing job growth and improving workforce training inKentucky

In this sixth year of the Obama Economy, unemployment and underemployment remain high in Kentucky. As I travel throughout the Commonwealth, one thing could not be clearer: Kentuckians want more and better-paying jobs, and they are willing to work hard to get them.Our government needs to adopt policies that will not only encourage job growth, but also encourage the creation of better-paying jobs. One way we can do this in Kentucky is to ensure that we prepare workers with the skills...

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Greetings from The Antioch Community.Sorry that I missed having my items in the paper last week. I was working up corn and was very busy.We had a Fish Fry at Antioch on Saturday night. We had fish. chicken and barbecue and all the trimmings that goes with fish. And also we had those good desserts. We had a large crowd, 83 in number. We had a lot of visitors, which we were glad to have. Everybody enjoyed the food and the fellowship together.Our Pastor, Bro. and...

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Worth more: One man or an entire city?

A population of 100,000 is substantial. Five states don’t even have one metropolis that large. Some cities that size, like Fargo, North Dakota, are their state’s biggest. Others, like Lansing, Michigan, are state capitals.About 100,000 people live in Rochester, Minnesota, home of the Mayo Clinic. The same goes for Burbank, California and Springfield, Ohio.Most of America’s cities of 100,000 now share one uncomfortable reality.

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KAL 007 and MH17 …a presidential response

This generation has its KAL 007. The stunning downing of Malaysian flight 17 is strikingly similar to the shock of September 1, 1983, when the Russians downed a Korean passenger airliner, flight 007, which had left New York City for Seoul via Alaska. In both cases, the Russian government vehemently denied any involvement, disparaging anyone who dared to accuse it of prior knowledge.

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How easy we have it

We have so many kitchen aids today to help us with daily...

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No offense

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