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December 16, 2018
  • Friday, December 14, 2018 7:00 AM

    In the book of James, chapter 2 verse 23, Abraham is referred to as "the Friend of God." This assessment was not made by Abraham, or any other man, but rather it was made by G...

  • A short service before sleep
    Thursday, December 13, 2018 10:10 AM

    In the monastic tradition from early Christian days comes the practice of offering prayers to God eight times a day. The prayers begin early in the morning concluding with th...

  • Healing a divided life
    Friday, December 7, 2018 7:00 AM

    When we were young we tended to be less introspective about our lives and may have thought of ourselves as well put together. It's only later in life that we begin to examine ...

  • Friday, December 7, 2018 7:00 AM

  • Tuesday, December 4, 2018 7:00 AM

    A few years ago, I stood in the Capitol rotunda and urged policymakers to rid Kentucky of its Certificate of Need plague since the policy amounts to nothing more than a govern...

  • Tuesday, December 4, 2018 7:00 AM

    Well, people out there in "Never Never Land", I guess you are wondering where the heck I have been. Believe me, I was not on a pleasure trip.

    It all started on "Black Fr...

  • Wednesday, November 28, 2018 12:08 PM

    Like it or not, all of us are in fellowship, or communion with others. My seventh-grade teacher down at Olmstead vacationed in Hawaii hoping to get a break from her class and,...

  • Science and Religion: compatible ventures
    Wednesday, November 28, 2018 12:04 PM

    Some have thought that science and religion do not work well together. The Bible might describe something one way and scientific discovery see it another way. For example, wa...

  • The demise of the Christmas catalog
    Tuesday, November 27, 2018 7:00 AM

    Many of the changes in the way we do things make life better, but I do not believe that is true of the demise of the Sears, Roebuck & Co. mail-order Christmas catalog.


  • Tuesday, November 27, 2018 7:00 AM

    If, as critics claim, right-to-work doesn't matter, why have Kentucky's union bosses spent gobs of their organizations' dollars filing lawsuits designed to halt or overturn th...

  • Tuesday, November 27, 2018 7:00 AM

    Federal health officials have again approved Gov. Matt Bevin's plan to revamp the state Medicaid program by introducing work requirements, premiums, co-payments and other chan...

  • Abide with me
    Friday, November 23, 2018 7:00 AM

    A beloved hymn in the Christian repertoire is "Abide with me." Henry Lyte's text for this hymn was taken from the account of Christ's appearance with the two disciples on the ...

  • Friday, November 16, 2018 3:38 PM

    Oh, man do I hate to admit that the summer is gone. We have had such a beautiful fall. Mother Nature has really "strutted her stuff" all this year really. But I might as well ...

  • Listen to the secrets of your heart
    Friday, November 16, 2018 7:00 AM

    Perhaps you have wondered how to pray. You probably learned the Lord's Prayer as Jesus taught. You may sing hymns in Church knowing that one can pray in song as well as in the...

  • Wisdom in common sayings
    Friday, November 16, 2018 7:00 AM

    Common sayings can be universal, regional, or original to a particular family. Most of us have an arsenal that is a mixture.

    Happenings often prompted my grandmother to ...





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