By Martha Wright

It is time for thanksgiving this week. Do you have big plans? I bet they include some really good food.

Our revival at Elk Lick will begin on Sunday, Nov. 26 and continue through Wednesday, Nov. 29. Our services will begin at 7 p.m. each night except for Sunday night and that will be at 6 p.m.

Our Ms. Hart is home again. She broke her hip not even two weeks ago. It has been repaired. She has been to re-hab and is now at home.

We still have some sickness in our church. Two of our ladies are out because of falls that broke their hips. Hopefully, they will soon be able to be up and out again.

I believe this week is moving week for my grandson, his wife, and baby. They have really been working hard to get the house ready for moving day.

Are you going "Black Friday" shopping? I'm just not brave enough for that. I would have to stop and consider whether the bargain was worth the hassle of getting it.

Did you decorate for Christmas before thanksgiving? I hope not. November should be about thanksgiving and then we can center on Christmas in December. Always remember the reason for the season.

Until next time . . .