By Tulip Green Lake Malone News

Another year is gone and there has been a lot happening in our lives. But something very unexpected has happened in mine.

You have heard me speak of Wayne's Place many times and believe me there is no place like it. There is a very interesting group that gathers there every morning. At one time or another everyone there has had a problem and of course everyone tries to help everyone get through it.

Most of the time it's just a small thing that just has to be talked over with a friend. Then there those who has lost a spouse. Of course there are medical issues that some people like to know that they aren't the only one that has had this problem.

I don't normally mention names but today this column is for Billy, a unique member of this group. Every morning he would bounce in with a big smile on his face and sit at the "table of knowledge" and always have something positive to say about the conversation in progress. He always served everybody with coffee while he was waiting for his food. He had a full beard and he had his eggs fixed a special way and the ladies there knew just what he wanted.

He was a person who furnished transportation for many people and I am sure they will miss him greatly.

Happy go Lucky was his disposition and he chuckled as he told us about his latest trips to other states.

Then a friend called to tell me Billy's truck was found. It had been swept away during a rain storm on Iron Mountain Road in Dunmor. I am trying to remember what was happening when I last talked with him.

How many times have we been warned about high water and we drive through it anyway?

This time Billy did not make it and I am sure he is serving coffee in heaven where all our other friends have gone that left our group at the ever famous Wayne's Place.

This is my personal invitation for you to have breakfast there some morning and join in the discussions that are always in progress. Also tell the girls that serve you that Tulip Green sent you!

One a lighter note, Mother Nature has suggested that I leave the lake and I have decided to take her advice and go south until spring. I have a dear friend who is watering my plants and feed the every famous trio of ducks.

I have a surprise for you. I will be doing a travel log and would love to take you along on this special trip down south that guess what, I am sure I will meet some very interesting people along the way.

But until then, I challenge you to enjoy every precious moment Bye now.