In-car technology may be the answer to a frequency problem suffered in the southern end of the county. Sheriff Wallace Whittaker sure hopes it is, as the price tag for this technology is quite less than the alternative of a microwave repeater.

"We are going to see if this works first," said Whittaker Tuesday, Dec. 12 at the bi-monthly meeting of the fiscal court.

Long-time problems with connection to the Emergency Communication Center (ECC) from areas in and around the city of Adairville need to be addressed said the sheriff. Unfortunately, whatever is done, there will always be dead spots in the county, according to Whittaker.

"For instance, there may never be a signal in Keysburg no matter what we do," he said.

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VEI Communications, a radio and systems provider, will be offering the county a "demo" in-car repeater to use to see if it will close the gap the Adairville Police Chief, deputies of the sheriff's department, and Logan Ambulance employees have been experiencing when trying to contact the ECC from the south.

It is imperative emergency agencies be able to connect with the ECC, who dispatch help when needed. This is a safety concern, said the sheriff.

"If this doesn't work," said Whittaker, "We will have to revisit placing a repeater on Mortimer Road."

The in-car repeaters cost less than $1,000 each compared to the approximate $135,000 price tag of a microwave repeater.

If the technology works, Whittaker said he will looking into purchasing a few in-car repeaters for some of his cruisers.

The repeater works through Bluetooth and is supposed to be good for 100 feet away from the cruiser it is located in.

"An officer shouldn't be more than 100 feet away from his cruiser most of the time," said Whittaker.