My little great-grandson and his grandmother came and spent some time with me Saturday. He is a happy friendly little baby boy and I enjoyed their visit very much.

Gary Kelley had back surgery last week, but I believe he is doing well from it.

Our revival begins the 26th of November and goes through the 29th. We hope you will be able to join us for some of these services.

We have five new babies born in our extended family during the year of 2017. These are my mom and dad’s great-great grandchildren. We are blessed with four boys and one little girl. She was born Oct. 18 and was named Charlotte Ruth. She is my niece Vicki’s granddaughter. I have counted and it seems my parents have 62 direct descendants. That is a big family and a whole lot of love.

I thought the leaves were never going to turn pretty colors this year but they finally did. With the wind and the rain, they are falling off the trees though.

I have a young great-great nephew that just started to kindergarten this year. He has decided that when he grows up he will be a school bus driver. He will take the children to school and then go home and sit in his comfortable recliner and just relax until it is time to take the children home again- and boom his job is finished. Jack can entertain you any time with his thoughts.

Have you taken time during this thanksgiving season just to stop and think how blessed we really are? We have so much. We need to “Count Our Many Blessings” and be thankful for them.

Until next time ...