When my column came out in Friday’s paper last week, I was quite surprised and so were some other people. One lady told me she laughed and laughed reading about my “Hubby” and that it was my best column yet.

Guess what! I don’t have a “hubby.” I believe that must have been Tulip Green’s column with by picture and name. At least, it got a lot of attention.

We had a really cold night for the church’s fish fry and ice cream supper. But, the attendance was not that bad. There were more than 50 people there. The men worked hard outside in the cold to get that fish, chicken and hush puppies cooked. Of course, the ladies got to stay inside where it was warm and enjoy the newly renovated fellowship hall.

We had several visitors for the fish fry including Mr. & Mrs. Jerry Guffy. They were at church on Sunday morning. They live in Missouri and have a small place on Duncan Ridge that they visit quite often.

Also, coming to the fish fry and church on Sunday morning, was Heather Kelley Brown and her family. It is always good to have Heather and family there.

Did you have lots of little ghosts and goblins at your house on Halloween? Our church helped with the Harvest Fest in Lewisburg.

I volunteered at “Books to Go” Library yesterday. There were a number of people in and out while I was there. If you haven’t stopped in yet, you really should take time to do this.

Until next time ...