Well, the turkey bird flew away and now Santa Claus is on the way. I am the “biggest child” in the world at Christmas. I really wish I was young again so I could sit on Santa’s lap. But time marches on and as always. I will enjoy saying Ho, Ho, Ho and ring in the season with a big shout out for the “Big Blue. You know who that is, “Kentucky Basketball” team. GO BLUE!

Well, my favorite “wild group” met again to cheer on the team and this last week, they looked pretty good even scored over a hundred points. The Hubby won the “pot”. Of course I whined a lot….I almost won twice before. But this time I did get the Hubby to give me the money I spent so he could enter the contest.

Now for the Lake Malone news! Wayne’s Place is getting a new face lift. If you have not been by lately you must do it. Also they have some new wonderful menu items. I can guarantee you a wonderful “start for your morning” if you join the “morning people” who laugh a lot. I heard a rumor that Santa Claus and his wife were going to be giving candy during the Christmas Season. Will be sure to let you know the dates. This may be the chance I have to sit on Santa’s lap!

I must say we are missing Herman and Ruthel Robbins. Herman had a little medical issue but they both will be riding in the Lewisburg Christmas Parade. Also the Lewisburg Christmas live pageant will be presented by the Presbyterian Church this week end. I plan to attend. Hope to see you there.

As I mentioned in my column earlier, I really miss the light contest we had here at the lake. I did finally get a wreath up and hopefully my mailman will be surprised when he brings my mail. He and the trash man are the two most important people in my life. I almost forgot…the UPS guys who struggle up and down my hill to deliver my Christmas presents.

So join with me and gather all that Christmas spirit and say HO HO HO to everyone you see. So everyone will remember to enjoy these Christmas moments. Till next time ... Bye now.